Surgical implants are a large portion of surgical budgets, so it’s important that your surgical vendor inventory is accurate and managed efficiently. While ensuring enough inventory is on hand to meet the needs of your patients, you are also accountable to a budget. Attempting to manage all inventory for your surgical suites internally can result in backlogs and money losses. However, these common issues are easily solved with vendor management software.  Surgical Vendor Inventory Billing Issues In the operating room, it’s understandable that providers make “bill-only” invoicing errors. Providers must record charges for supplies used during surgery in order to be reimbursed, but this process is complicated. Mistakes happen as a result. Unfortunately, this creates under- or overcharges.  When surgical inventory is manually managed by entering serial numbers into a spreadsheet, a simple error becomes costly. A simple mistake, like entering the wrong serial number, results in incorrect charges.


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