#MenWhoBlog is a community of male bloggers who have experience working with some of the top brands in the world. We represent a diverse group of sites of interest to men, including: Dad, Men's Lifestyle, Food, Fashion, Travel, Product Reviews, and Sports blogs. The unifying factor is that each male blogger has come together to share awesome experiences with each other and our communities. 

By coming together to share our expertise and networks, we are uniquely positioned to develop and led campaigns with other influencers and create engaging content for traditionally male categories including:jason land rover

  • Men's Lifestyle Bloggers
  • Dad Bloggers
  • Sports Bloggers
  • Alcohol and Spirits Bloggers
  • Tool Bloggers
  • Men's Health and Fitness Bloggers
  • Men's Style and Fashion Bloggers

While we specialize in developing campaigns to reach men and engage with them through blogs and social media channels, we can also organize campaigns that involve a mixture of men and women bloggers too. These categories include:

  • Travel Bloggers
  • Mom Bloggers
  • Food Bloggers
  • Video Games and Entertainment Bloggers

Influencer Relations and Content Marketing Services:

Our team is led by James Hills who has more than 15 years of experience managing influencer campaigns for organizations including: Sears, Kmart, Staples, Evite.com, BuySeasons, ProFlowers and other leading national and international corporations.

The following represents our core influencer and content marketing capabilities ...

Blog Consulting

We can help you turn your corporate blog from something that looks like it was designed for SEO purposes and turn it into a high-quality editorial publication that will draw and engage potential customers.


Influencer Relations Consulting

We can work with your existing PR team or agency to help them better understand how to reach and engage bloggers and build communities through trust, transparency, and rewarding experiences.


Twitter Parties

Twitter Parties are a great way to reach a large audience and help drive traffic as well as signups on your website. 


Sponsored Post & Ambassador Campaigns

Sponsored posts and ambassador teams can help you reach a wide audience quickly and efficiently by leveraging bloggers to write high quality posts and promote them to their audiences on your behalf. 


Event Planning / Blogger FAM Trip Coordination

Collectively, our group attends hundreds of press events each year, so we know what we like and don't like. Additionally, by leveraging our internal expertise having led large scale as well as smaller events for some of the greatest brands in the world, we know how to create and extraordinary guest experience, while also delivering on critical KPIs that you need to define the event as a success.

Guest Posts, SEO Support  and Link Building Campaigns

While we are dedicated to following all applicable laws and guidelines put forward by Google as well as the FTC, there are creative campaigns that we can execute on your behalf to help build natural links as well as promote high quality content that we may have created for the blog on your site so that it draws sustained organic traffic for you day after day.


Product Reviews and Reputation Management

Reviews are critical for the success of any brand! We can help organize campaigns to help reach influencers and create content that will be found by potential customers who are looking for others opinions on your products prior to purchase.

Influencer Marketing Services Connecting Male Bloggers with Awesome Brands!

Sponsored Content

We can engage social influencers to create sponsored blog posts and social content on behalf of your brand.
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Blogger Mancations

We bring brands and destinations together to create memorable opportunities for bloggers to create awesome content.
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Twitter Parties

We create currated brand conversations to engage large audiences while building massive excitement and exposure. 
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Guest Posts & SEO

We can help you improve content marketing and SEO efforts by engaging top bloggers to create content on your behalf.
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