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Historically, mom blogs have had a huge popularity due to women being inherently more social and willing to both ask and provide advice, tips, and support to other moms as they raise kids and build productive lives for their families. However, dad bloggers are a very popular and unique niche of male bloggers that we want to salute. The following blogs listed below represent some of our favorite dad blogs.

Our Picks For Top Dad Blogs

This list is not ordered in any way, it is a listing of our favorite dad blogs that we enjoy reading and think you will too. If I missed one that you think is worth including please feel free to add it as a comment below.

2 Dads With Baggage 

Self described as "family travel with a gay twist" 2 Dads With Baggage is features that adventures of two dads and their Latina daughters as they travel around the world as well as go through their daily lives. Aside from their incredible adventures this LGBTQ family blog features great articles about food and parenting.

Guy And the Blog

Here on Guy and the Blog you will find a wide variety of blog topics that are relevant to enhancing your fatherhood along with many practical solutions to everyday challenges. Versatility with options in working from home, grooming advice, and even cooking! There are many unique gadgets to discover here!

Domestic Dad

At Days of a Domestic Dad there are many different options to explore in nurturing effective family time, fun traveling, driving, and cooking the right way. Here you will enjoy a friendly and personable atmosphere with a focus on family. Working and playing hard are both stressed here.

Go Fatherhood

The interesting part about the Go Fatherhood blog is you can find resources if you're a single dad. This is particularly difficult, and important topics are addressed such as planning vacations and filling in the void of an absent mother. Movie reviews also make this site unique.

Dad Of Divas

This blog, Dad of Divas is unique as it addresses the challenges of raising solely girls. Here you can focus on how to survive in a household of divas and accommodate their needs. There are also nice educational resources here to help them along when the time arrives for school.

Dad Or Alive

The Dad Or Alive blog focuses on the unique individual stages of growth where kids need specific nurturing in the right direction. It tackles the challenges of being a single dad and gives a more realistic perspective of the difficulties that arise from handling children alone. There is great hopeful optimism here.

Geek Dad

You can find a robust collection of resources and products here on Geek Dad to help you thrive as a dad. There are some very important topics that deal with science, entertainment, gaming, and leisure. One of the best features here is the ability to save on some high-quality products.

High Tech Dad

High Tech Dad is the blog for all technology enthusiasts who seek to enhance their lives through the modern world of possibilities. Innovative topics include how to keep your family safe on social media and managing the home.

Designer Daddy

Designer Daddy is an exceptionally interesting site that is devoted to a more creative process that dads tend to naturally lack. There are also useful resources for dealing with common anxiety of life including arts and fun crafts for kids.

Dad and Buried

This Dad and Buried blog discusses very serious topics where you can relate if your children have certain conditions like ADHD. There are some cool blog topics on how to handle your kids on vacation and setting some ground rules for safer outings as a single parent with only one set of eyes.

The Rookie Dad

On The Rookie Dad there are some good things to learn if you're a rookie dad and need some direction. There are some distinguished new parent tips here along with general topics about being a dad and staying prepared always.


The SwaggerDad blog is dedicated to helping dads retain their style even though life takes its toll. There are great topics about learning to be patient with your children and even ones about taking care of the environment while teaching kids to do the same.

Mr Dad

Mr Dad is an excellent blog if you're looking for a professional pioneer in fatherhood for guidance. He has aided a plethora of men to find their way and make the necessary adjustments to thrive in an increasingly difficult world for fathers. Classes are available for current or expectant fathers.

The Good Bad Dad

The Good Bad Dad features a variety of categories where you can enjoy content that include adoption, style, politics, traveling, and much more. He considers his blog more of a case study than giving practical advice. Still, there is a lot to learn here in raising healthy kids for the future!

Daddy Mojo

The Daddy Mojo blog features comic books and colorful illustrations are featured here with immersive stories and educational resources. Entertainment and parenting are synonymous here and they are combined to create a fun learning experience where you can explore the unseen world and bond with your family.

Gay NYC Dad

This Gay NYC Dad blog gives insight into parenting and the life of a stay-at-home dad with all the challenges of each day. There are great parenting stories for gaining inspiration and realizing you're not alone. Giveaways and product reviews are also a staple part of this blog. The topic of adoption is also covered in great detail.

Single Dad's Guide to Life

The Single Dad's Guide to Life blog features topics of interest to fathers, including travel suggestions and topics are of high interest here and there are many activities to find inspiration from. It's an amazing resource for dads who are in the same situation and would benefit from relevant topics to enhance their parenting skills and be more immersive in educational endeavors.

Going Dad

One of the main focal points of the Going Dad blog is an emphasis on healthy living and eating. There is also a healthy living store that gives you access to elevating ingredients children need to grow up!


WilderDad is one of the best blogs for dads regarding sharpening camping skills and gathering the necessary resources. Here you will find some incredible adventures waiting in the wilderness and strategies to get the most out of each trip!

Paternal Damnation

Paternal Damnation is a more comical blog and can put a spring in your step if you're feeling inadequate as a single dad. You can find uplifting resources here about technology, business, careers, and parenting advice at the varying stages of cognitive development.

Chronicles Of A New Dad

This father and author of Chronicles Of A New Dad has an educational background in the subtleties of working with children and that's incredibly useful for others. Here there are countless stories and heartfelt entries that can give you ideas for activities and develop inspiration in your own family life.

The Daddy Style Diaries

In addition to fatherhood, there are interesting topics here on The Daddy Styles Diaries that include cars, travel, and overall lifestyle here. Fatherhood and fashion are both art, and here you will learn how to apply them by reading through this comprehensive diary of experiences while enjoying the overall lifestyle.


One of the unique elements of RuddyBits is it was established with the intent to cover every topic imaginable regarding fatherhood. It's simplistic and inviting without any sermons about how to better yourself and only real stories and shared experiences some dads might find favorable.


Being a modern father is definitely different than parenting of the past and this blog addresses these important factors. FatherCraft features product reviews for fathers, important information, and viable resources are all given in a comprehensive fashion here which establishes parenting peace of mind in an otherwise stressful world.

Dad's Life Blog

In addition to tips on being a better dad, Dad's Life Blog also offers advice and resources regarding pursuing your dreams and passions here. Another important theme is the concept of building your own business to free up more time for your family on a regular basis.

I Think Therefore I Dad

The I Think Therefor I Dad Blog addresses the parenting failures that all dads have to deal with at one point or another. It gives comforting advice on how to push through and not make the same mistakes twice. You will even find topics on money and how to budget. Failure is part of parenting and this blog will help you pick up the pieces without getting cut.

St. Louis Dad

There are some very useful and practical blog posts here on St. Louis Dad to enhance your parenting, but also children's books available which is interesting. If you're in the St. Louis area and are a dad then this is a great blog because it gives suggestions for activities.

That Away Dad

Travel is stressed on That Away Dad blog and it's about enjoying new scenery and making the most out of life by having new experiences with your kids. Parenting stories are shared in unique locations around the world like Germany and many more! You might be inspired to discover these new places yourself after reading about them!

Hi Blog I'm Dad

This is an excellent blog that stands out for dads who are parenting a child with a disability. Hi Blog I'm Dad takes extra consideration in these special circumstances and first-hand experience is found here with a knowledgeable approach. This is a topic that is addressed with sensitivity and a sound parenting strategy.

Sunshine Dad

There are many adventures to document when you're a dad, and the Sunshine Dad does an excellent job with DIY possibilities and fun projects to share. A unique aspect of this site is you can get the kid's perspectives and get some valuable insight. The general challenges of being a dad are fully covered here and addressed.


Dad Blogs Run By Groups Of Men

These blogs are included because they produce great content but aren't inherently dad blogs themselves but rather sites that cater to helping dads through corporate and or multiple contributors.

Life Of Dad

Traveling Dad


Foodie Dad Blogs

These are dad blogs that we would normally include with the larger list above but since they are focused primarily on food and cooking, we wanted to create a separate category for foodie dad blogs.

Lunch Box Dad

Dad With A Pan

Real Food by Dad


Infrequently Updated Dad Blogs

These are some of our favorite dad blogs but are infrequently updated ...

Rick on the Rocks



The apocalypse Daddy

Dad Fixes Everything

This New Dad

Daddy's Grounded

Ruddy Bits


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