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This past year has been wild; I've bought a condo in cash, I've moved in with my father-in-law and I am working to protect his assets so that a potential transition to assisted living or even his own apartment or condo is a smooth one. Unfortunately, what I've found is that the old, simple, quick, and easy process of buying a home with a traditional 30-year mortgage is no longer simple, quick, or easy. I'm not sure it ever was but today there are thankfully many more creative options for homeowners and buyers who are looking to break free of throwing their money away as renter and enter the world of being a homeowner.

Lease with an Option to Buy

This strategy brings the benefits of renting and selling together in one step. Not only can you earn rental income while simultaneously finding a potential buyer from day one. It's like dating your house out. When tenants come over, they test the waters before asking: "Will you sell it to me?" And even if they decline, you still reap all of the rewards of leasing.

Swap, Don't Shop

Here's an idea reminiscent of holiday romantic comedies: property swapping. Trading places with someone else can be an efficient and effective way of changing up your property scene. All it requires is finding someone whose property meets both of your requirements, like finding a match on Tinder. It just works better with houses. But in order to make this work, just like dating, it requires being bold enough and open-minded enough.

Auctions: Going, Going, Gone!

Auctions can turn the sale of your property into an exciting event. By setting a minimum bid and inviting interested buyers to bid against each other for it, an auction creates the equivalent of a blockbuster premiere. Your home acts as the star, and bids from potential buyers become the final act in its performance. Just as with films, marketing and presentation play a critical role in creating buzz and drawing bidders to your sale.

Quitclaim Deed Form 

A Quitclaim Deed is an alternative method of property transfer that offers unique risks and limitations that traditional sales methods don't. Simply put, this legal document allows a property owner to transfer their interest without guaranteeing clarity, making it ideal for family transfers or even clearing up title issues more quickly than conventional methods of sale. Utilizing such deeds may speed up transfer processes but should only be undertaken after thorough understanding of its risks and implications of the Quitclaim Deed Form.

Donating Your Property to Charity

Giving property to charitable organizations is not only an act of good will but can also bring significant tax advantages. Think of it like giving it another purpose while reaping financial benefits. With recent changes to tax laws, it's increasingly important to seek advice from an experienced tax advisor prior to any charitable donations to ensure maximum benefits are realized for both you and the charity of your choice.

Cryptocurrency and Real Estate: A Modern Marriage

Why not be bold in today's digital world by selling your property for cryptocurrency? This method appeals to tech-savvy investors looking for innovative and potentially lucrative ways to diversify their portfolio while matching houses with digital currency in search of a futuristic fairy tale ending. As more businesses accept crypto currencies as payments for services rendered or products purchased, it's an option gaining traction in the real estate world. But prior to taking this route, make sure you conduct due diligence by consulting professionals before diving headlong into these unfamiliar waters.


Selling or leaving your property doesn't need to be a tedious transaction filled with paperwork and goodbyes. Try one of these creative approaches instead to add some innovation and excitement to the process. From hosting a grand sale event or engaging in property swap deals to pioneering cryptocurrency use in real estate transactions, the end of your ownership could mark something extraordinary. Think outside the box, your next property adventure might just be waiting around the corner with something out-of-the-ordinary.

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