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Pure Pontoon Electric Powered Pontoon Boat

Pure Watercraft, a Seattle-based company, is making waves with their latest innovation: an electric pontoon boat. The new EV Pontoon Boat has been designed to provide boaters and nature lovers the opportunity to enjoy quiet rides on the water without disrupting local wildlife or polluting waterways. It's sure to revolutionize how people explore lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water.

The EV Pontoon Boat was created in response to the increasing demand for eco-friendly alternatives for recreational activities like fishing and sightseeing. This revolutionary vessel's state-of-the-art features allows users maximum comfort while ensuring minimal environmental impact. With this groundbreaking invention changing the game, Pure Watercraft is becoming a leader in sustainable marine transportation.

All-Electric "Pure Pontoon" Boat For Pure Enjoyment 

Pure Watercraft is revolutionizing recreational vessels and marine propulsion, aiming to make them more accessible for everyone and more sustainable for the planet. Their innovative solutions offer reliable performance with green technology, cost savings, and a small footprint that won't compromise on safety. With their recent unveiling of an electric pontoon boat, Pure Watercraft continues to lead in providing a better boating experience.

The EV "Pure Pontoon" boat utilizes advanced engineering design principles and cutting-edge powertrain components to ensure improved safety compared to traditional boats while still delivering the same level of fun. Its zero-emission powerplant offers:

  • A powerful torque curve that propels it efficiently through water with less effort
  • Reduced noise levels when compared to gas motors
  • Maintenance-free operation due to its sealed motor system
  • Lower operating costs over time than traditional combustion engines
  • An ultra-compact form factor that allows it to fit into tighter spaces

This combination of features sets the EV Pontoon Boat apart from other recreational vessels as one of the most energy-efficient options without sacrificing any enjoyment or convenience. Pure Watercraft's commitment to creating more innovative, cleaner boats has been realized with this new product, allowing anyone looking for a greener option to get out on the water without compromising quality or reliability.


Prices for the electric Pure Pontoon start at $75,000 for a single outboard motor or $95,000 for twin outboard motors.

Powered By A GM Automotive Battery Pack

While others are producing electric watercraft today, most of them are using custom power solutions that require millions of dollars worth of research and development to get right. Instead of reinventing the wheel - Pure Watercraft partnered with General Motors to license their technology.

GM automotive battery pack in Pure Watercraft's pontoon boat can significantly reduce emissions, create quieter operation and improve performance. This is due to the fact that GM has committed $35 billion towards developing EVs - 40% of its market cap - as well as their decades of experience producing high-quality powertrain components on an industrial scale. Not only do these components offer reduced emissions, but they are also easy to install and come with an improved range compared to traditional marine batteries.

The result is a product that offers superior performance at a price point which is comparable to conventional pontoons. In addition, by collaborating with GM, Pure Watercraft ensures access to economies of scale that would otherwise be out of reach for the industry alone. Furthermore, this agreement provides the opportunity for direct assistance from GM regarding supply chain management and manufacturing.

Overall, the partnership between Pure Watercraft and General Motors demonstrates how technology can be used constructively to provide efficient solutions for recreational boats and automobiles. By leveraging cutting edge engineering capabilities, production processes and cost savings associated with large-scale production methods, it is possible to build powerful products without compromising quality or affordability.

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Why An Electric Pontoon Instead Of A Traditional Gas Powered One

If you're looking for an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional gas-powered pontoon boat, consider an electric pontoon instead. They're powered by electric motors, which don't produce harmful emissions during operation and also don't risk contaminating the water due to accidental oil or gas leaks. Additionally, their quiet operation won't disrupt the natural environment with fumes and loud mechanical noise. Furthermore, electric pontoon boats require less maintenance than their gas-powered counterparts. This means you'll spend less time and money maintaining them. So if you're looking for an eco-friendly, low-maintenance pontoon boat, an electric pontoon is definitely worth considering.


Boating is one of the most popular recreational activities, but it can have a negative impact on the environment. Electric pontoon boats offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional gas-powered pontoons and are becoming increasingly popular among boaters concerned about sustainability. An electric pontoon boat produces zero emissions, making them a great choice for those looking to contribute to eco-tourism and green energy initiatives. With no need for gasoline or oil changes, these vessels provide renewable power with minimal maintenance requirements. Additionally, electric motors are almost silent compared to their gas-powered counterparts, creating a peaceful atmosphere while out on the water. Furthermore, running on electricity instead of marine gas or diesel fuel can help conserve water resources by reducing exhaust emissions that would otherwise contaminate waterways. As such, electric pontoon boats offer an efficient and more sustainable way to enjoy time on the open waters without compromising environmental standards - making them the ideal choice for responsible boaters.

Quiet Operation

Electric pontoon boats are an excellent choice for those looking to reduce their environmental impact while still enjoying the open waters. One of the key advantages of electric-powered pontoons is their quiet operation. With no need for gasoline or oil changes, these vessels produce nearly silent power compared to traditional gas-powered motors. This makes it easier to enjoy peaceful moments away from urban noise pollution and offers safety benefits too. For example, you can hear potential hazards without loud engine noises more easily before they become an issue. This could be as basic as a passenger shouting to the captain that they see a floating log in your path, a pod of dolpins, or simply someone's hat that blew off their head, and now you need to circle back to retrieve it. 

Low Maintenance

Electric pontoon boats are a great choice for those looking to reduce their environmental impact while still enjoying the open waters. Not only do they provide emission-free, eco-friendly power but also require very little maintenance compared to traditional gas-powered motors. This is not only cost-effective and noise-reducing, but it's also an incredibly convenient way of boating - no need to fuss with oil changes or refueling! Electric pontoons are simply plug-and-play and most docks already have electrical hookups available, so you can enjoy your time on the water without any hassle.

While those standard outlets are slower than the DC fast chargers you might have used to power up your Hummer SUV, those fast charging options can be added for personal docks.

Plus, if something goes wrong, repairs tend to be much easier than on gas models because fewer mechanical parts could malfunction. All this makes electric pontoon boats a great option for anyone who wants the convenience and affordability of a lower-maintenance boat without sacrificing performance or safety.

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Electric Pontoon Boats Are Better For Marine Environments

I'm really excited about the new electric pontoon boat from Pure Watercraft, because it has improved efficiency, reduced hull drag, and a much less environmental impact. It's great that they're now using electric motors instead of traditional gasoline-powered ones, which can cause a lot of pollution. As much as I love boating - the fumes have always bothered me since it is a distraction from what I love most about being on the water ... fresh clean air and unlimited possibilities.

All in all, electric pontoon boats are a much better choice for marine environments but let's take a look at some other advantages of electric pontoon boats you might not have considered.

Reduced Hull Drag 

Electric pontoon boats are becoming increasingly popular for their improved efficiency and environmental benefits. To further enhance these advantages, reducing hull drag can be a great way to make the boat even more efficient. With reduced hull drag, electric pontoon boats will glide through the water with less effort, resulting in quieter operation and zero emissions. Reduced drag also increases battery life and makes maintenance easier too, as there is less strain on the motor and components due to lower resistance from the water. This combination of superior performance, greater efficiency, and zero emissions makes electric pontoon boats ideal for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint while still enjoying marine activities.

Hull drag also contributes to wake generation. Since pontoon boats float above the water, even at speed, it is less damaging in terms of beach erosion and other disturbances to marine vegetation.

Less Environmental Impact Due to Noise

Energy efficiency means these boats can run longer and cover more distance on a single charge, while emissions reduction keeps the air clean of pollutants. Cost savings come from lower fuel costs since there is no need to buy expensive gasoline or diesel fuels. Noise reduction also makes them ideal for those who want to enjoy nature without causing disturbance or pollution. We've already established that electric propulsion systems produce far less noise than traditional boat engines but this is more than simply for human enjoyment. Fish and other marine life also benefit from quieter environments.

EV Doesn't Just Mean Cars Anymore!

The pure pontoon boat is like a beacon of light to those who are looking for an eco-friendly way to enjoy the water. While it isn't the only option out there for folks who prefer the clean smooth power of electric motors (Pure Watercraft also has "zodiac"-style boats with electric marine motors too), it is a fabulous thing to see since electric power is ideally suited for this use case as most people will let their boats sit attached to the dock for 10+ hours between use - unlike with a car where it can be in and out of your driveway.

Plus, not only does it provide a more sustainable option, but its sleek design and luxury features make the Pure Pontoon stand out in any crowd. It's a reminder that progress doesn't always have to come at the expense of our planet (or our own personal enjoyment), we can still find ways to move forward without sacrificing what makes us unique.

Right now, just as I've enjoyed the experience of off-roading with the Jeep Wrangler 4xe instead of charging through nature with the roar of an ICE engine, I can't wait for the moment to experience this on in person too. Most anglers have probably enjoyed a taste of this experience using a trolling motor - but now you can have speed and excitement too!

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