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date destinations for married couples

Like many, you might work a little too much, waste time commuting, or even bring your work home with you. And this can put a strain on your relationship. So it's essential that you hang out as a couple and spend some quality time together. Here are some simple ideas that work well.

Try Something New Like A Magic Show

 Last night, Heather and I tried something new for date night that was the perfect mix of fun and excitement combined with the opportunity to share a unique experience. While any dinner can be special - by trying something like a magic show dinner theater can be an opportunity to laugh, gasp, and get the adrenaline going in a way that a simple, quiet romantic dinner just wouldn't do.  

If magic isn't your thing, look for other opportunities to expand your horizons and try something new. For instance, if you and your partner are normally meat and potatoes, try going to an Indian restaurant or even try something completely unique like Ethiopian, where you will be eating with your hands and scooping up the dinner with pieces of Injera from a shared platter.

Go to Each Other's Favorite Spot

Everyone has a favorite spot they love to visit to relax and unwind. For many, this is a bar, restaurant, or local attraction. You can really get to know each other better and devote your time by going to each other's favorite places. This might be as simple as going to one of the many local sports bars in your area. Or it could be the cliffside meadow and local beauty spot you spent with your parents when you were a child. Intimacy like this is essential in a relationship.

Hang Out as a Couple when Trying a New Hobby

As a couple, you may not spend enough time together. One survey in the UK found that British couples spend just two and a half hours together, including weekends. This is shocking and is similar in other nations like the USA. Fortunately, most people love having fun. And learning a new hobby together is excellent for being with your partner. Maybe try playing Warhammer 4000, horseback riding, or even visiting your local bowling lanes for some cheap fun.

Get Some Retail Therapy

Evidence suggests that when approached properly, retail therapy genuinely works for your mental health. Of course, it should be avoided if you have a shopping addiction. Yet you can spend a great day shopping at the mall with your partner. Most malls these days are full of things to do, not just shopping. It isn't uncommon for malls to have restaurants, bars, and video game arcades. So a mall trip is an excellent way to spend a rainy Saturday in each other's company.

Get to Know Your Own City Together

It doesn't matter where you live. There are amazing things to find. No matter how big or small, every town has things to do and unique stories to explore. You just have to step back and take a look:

  • Visit every top-rated restaurant you can afford.
  • Use Google to make a list of the fun amenities in your area.
  • Visit local museums to learn more about the history of your town.
  • Get around all your local parks and natural beauty spots.
  • Take random trips to (safe) places you haven't yet visited.

Every city has bad places you shouldn't venture to. However, they also have stunning attractions, places of outstanding beauty, and free fun things you can do together as a couple.

Look After the Yard Together

If you are lucky enough to have some land at the front or rear of your house, you can make it a special place to relax and enjoy together by adding landscaping and garden features. Of course, this requires enormous effort. Yet this makes it an ideal project to do together as a couple. Since both of you will use the land, come up with ideas of what to do. And identifying what each of you is good at early on is a big help. Maybe one of you looks after the herbs and vegetables while the other handles the décor.

Take Time to Hang Out as a Couple on Your Next Vacation

When you work hard, you need a break. And as a couple, there's nothing better than a romantic getaway somewhere you both love. Perhaps an island paradise, a wilderness camping ground, or a trip to Disneyland. Whatever it is, a vacation gives you the perfect opportunity to spend real quality time together that might not be possible at home. So it helps to plan together and do what you both want to do. And if possible, switch off your phones and devices.

Try A Staycation If You Can't Go Out Of Town

Staycations are a great option if you can't get out of town for whatever reason. Even if you can, taking the opportunity to simply change pace from your own bedroom can be a welcome respite from the ordinary. We are doing that by spending three nights in a cottage in North County San Diego for a few nights (hosted by Cardiff Vacations).

For some - being able to spend time in a rental house in Cardiff, California, is fun and exotic, but that's not the point. This is our opportunity to go somewhere and just relax without worrying about taking photos of food and different destinations like we do on a cruise. Instead, we can relax and just spend the whole day sipping wine while talking about plans for the future if that's all we want to do that day!



You can boost your relationship status with some intimate time together. Intimacy doesn't always mean sex. And it can be as simple as sitting in a park enjoying each other. You can also hang out as a couple in your favorite places around your city and just watch TV together.

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