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MenWhoBlog.com is a men's lifestyle and dad blog destination founded by James Hills and supported by a collection of other leading dad bloggers and men's lifestyle experts. Hills, an experienced influence marketer with a successful track record driving results for America’s top brands including Sears, K-Mart, ProFlowers, Staples recognized that there needed to be a spot for male bloggers to shine and stand out from the dominant power of the "Mom Bloggers". He didn't want to replace these amazing women and the platforms they created - but he did want to create an opportunity for brands to connect with male consumers.


Male Spending Power Can't Be Ignored

After all, while women account for an astonishing amount of consumer spending - did you know that overall, men outspend women on an annual basis? This is true for traditional categories such as powertools (62% of decisions made by men) and Auto tires and batteries (55%), as well as consumer electronics (50%). 

However, even traditionally female dominated purchase categories such as mattresses, appliances, and home improvement choices men share the purchasing role between 30-50% of the time.

Spending Isn't The End Of The Story:

With his expertise in digital marketing and his role as a leading men's lifestyle blogger, James has created an impressive network of hundreds of today’s top male bloggers who have come together to grow personally and professionally.

We believe not only in just simply promoting products and services but also in working together to support and mentor the next generation of men in a positive way. We believe you can still be a strong man and be masculine. However, we do reject the toxic traits that have defined masculinity in the past.

MenWhoBlog connects male lifestyle influencers and dad bloggers with brands that want to effectively reach the male consumers of today. Male consumers are powerful buyers - according to recent statistics, they account for $3 trillion in annual spending power and make up over half of all online shoppers in the US alone!

We strive to create events & curate content that men love to talk about: gear, sports, travel, cars, style, food – you name it! We believe that when you connect with the right people through meaningful conversations you can create powerful relationships that last a lifetime.

If you’re looking for an effective way to reach the male consumer base or if you’re an aspiring blogger looking for mentorship from some of the best in the industry – look no further than MenWhoBlog! Contact us at info@menwhoblog today and let us help you take your brand or blog to new heights!

Blogger Campaign Highlights:

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MenWhoBlog.com is a community of male bloggers dedicated to creating exciting content, campaigns and opportunities to promote brands that men love. Our mission is to promote positive masculinity and mentor young aspiring male bloggers.

We operate as part of the Flow Media Marketing media network from St Joseph, Michigan but our team of writers exists across the United States and Canada.