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why dads should learn to play golf

Golfing is a sport that everyone can enjoy, regardless of age, experience, or sporting ability. While it is a great game to learn early - even older dads can pick up the sport quickly. At first glance, it can seem super intimidating. After all, it looks like a lot of work to just swing a club back and forth for several hundred yards. However, with a little patience and a lot of practice, you’ll soon be hooked… or should it be ‘clubbed’? 

In such a fast-paced world, everyone needs a hobby, especially one that takes them away from their laptop screen for a bit. Getting outside and moving your body will give your mind the rest it needs. If you get easily bored by a daily jog or struggle to motivate yourself to get to an early morning gym session, then maybe golfing is for you. Sociable, rewarding, and just a little competitive: what more could you want? 

So, if you’re not already convinced, here are three more reasons why golfing should be your next hobby. 

Golf Can Be Surprisingly Affordable

The idea that you have to be mega-rich to play golf is pretty common. Sure, you can hire out your own private golf course, complete with golf carts and a catered lunch, but there are plenty of other ways to play golf without spending tons of money. If you’re new to golf, consider teaching yourself online or using equipment such as Visio Putting instead of paying for lessons. When you get around to finding a golf course, do some research about what areas and times are the cheapest. Don’t wait till you arrive to rent expensive equipment. Many items that you will need for golf is available used. This includes second-hand balls as well as clubs. 


Golf Is A Social Game 

Playing golf is a great way to meet new people. If you decide to join a club or participate in tournaments, you’ll be around lots of other golfers whilst you’re playing. Don’t worry if not though. You can make some new friends whilst you’re out on the course. If you happen to be single and interested in dating, finding someone with a common interest is a great place to start…you never know what could happen!

Skills You Learn Are Transferable To Life 

Golf is ideal for increasing strength, balance, and range of motion. This is so important for your overall health. Unlike sports such as running, golf doesn’t put too much pressure on your joints, which makes it great for maintaining your physical well-being without putting your body under stress. However, this doesn’t mean that golf doesn’t increase your heart rate. An enjoyable way to get in some cardio, golf will help you get around easier in your daily life. Walking up those stairs at work will feel so much easier after you’ve been trekking about a golf course for a while. 

In conclusion, golf is a hobby you should definitely consider taking up. It’s great for your mind, your body, and your social life… there’s not much it doesn’t improve. And, if you’re not already convinced, just think about all of the brightly patterned clothes you’ll finally have an excuse to buy! 

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