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nets are just one safety measure to help fans stay safe at a baseball game

You might not think about the danger fans face when they go to a baseball game but there are plenty of hidden dangers - from falling over the edge of a terrace to drunk fans fighting to foul balls that land on unsuspecting guests in the sands. These are all real dangers that happen at stadiums around the country. Luckily, teams are committed to making the experience of watching a ball game as safe as it possibly can be. With fan security paramount, incorporating design elements such as increased railing heights and extended backstop netting are key strategies. Prioritizing these applications also supports the fans' experience and bolsters the sense of safety while fostering positive engagement with the sport. By focusing on innovative construction teqniques, these safety enhancements can be seamlessly integrated into the stadium's architectural aesthetics and take nothing away from the joy of an afternoon watching the boys of summer. Let's look a bit deeper now and examine how teams are working to make baseball stadiums a safe place for fans.

  • There is a pressing need to prioritize fan safety in MLB stadiums to maintain the sport's popularity and ensure spectators' peace of mind.
  • Higher railings and extended backstop netting are among the safety enhancements being urged for implementation in MLB stadiums.
  • The use of safety technology and advanced materials, like structural glass railings, can enhance security without compromising visibility or aesthetics.
  • Sustainable construction practices in MLB stadiums, while promoting environmental responsibility, can also contribute to safety enhancements.
  • A community-centric approach in safety enhancements can foster a sense of belonging and security, encouraging fans to return to games confidently.

Safety Measures in MLB Stadiums

The implementation of safety measures in Major League Baseball (MLB) stadiums is a crucial aspect that requires careful consideration, especially regarding railing height and backstop netting.

These features greatly impact the fan experience by ensuring safety while maintaining an immersive atmosphere. The architectural design of these structures must be both safe and aesthetically pleasing. For instance, the International Building Code suggests front-row commercial railings should have a minimum height of 34 inches, but some stadiums, for enhanced security, adopt the construction standard of 42 inches. In certain areas such as the edge of an upper deck, the railings might be replaced with a sheet of glass to avoid people leaning over and falling. This is not a theoretical happening - from 1969 to 2011 there were 22 fall-related deaths at major league stadiums. In fact, as recently as 2021 a woman and her two-year-old son died after a falling over the edge of the stadium's guard rail.

Similarly, backstop netting height is not standardized throughout the MLB, but a recommended minimum of 25-30 feet can provide adequate protection for spectators without obstructing their view of the field. These measures can significantly improve the overall fan experience without compromising safety.

Here are some additional measures that stadium owners are taking to keep fans safe in the stadium ...

Enhanced Netting:

Teams are now required to extend protective netting to shield field-level seating from line-drive foul balls. This netting spans from the near ends of the dugouts and within 70 feet of home plate. The aim is to protect fans from stray balls and bats, enhancing safety without compromising visibility​ 

Health and Safety Policies:

Various teams have introduced specific health and safety protocols at their stadiums. For example, the Marlins have updated their safety measures in consultation with MLB and health experts, which include adjustments for increased fan safety during games​  

Fan Education:

There is a push to educate fans more effectively about safety within the park. This includes awareness of the surroundings during each at-bat and understanding the locations of protected areas. Additionally, clubs and online ticket sellers are now providing clearer information about which seats are behind netting​ 

Technology and Convenience:

MLB teams are leveraging technology to improve safety and enhance the fan experience. This includes high-tech security measures and ensuring a seamless and safe environment for all attendees 

Importance of Fan Safety in MLB

Fan safety is more than just a box to check so that the teams can keep their lawyers happy.

Prioritizing fan safety in Major League Baseball is not just a matter of ethics or obligation but, rather, an essential factor in maintaining the sport's popularity and appeal. It is vital to understand that MLB, as a sports institution, thrives on the excitement and passion of its fans who desire an immersive and safe live-action experience. Enhanced protection measures bring peace of mind to spectators, providing an environment where the focus remains on the thrill of the game, not potential hazards.


To wrap up, bolstering safety measures in MLB stadiums, including but not limited to, increasing railing heights and implementing a minimum height for backstop netting, is of utmost importance. Drawing inspiration from safety norms in other industries and sports could prove advantageous. Consistency in safety protocols across all ballparks is crucial to guarantee the well-being of spectators and employees. The proactive adoption of such measures will greatly contribute to a safer and more enjoyable baseball viewing experience.

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