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changing the oil - father and daughter

As you may already know, cars can be complicated machines. You might know how to add petrol to your car every week when you are going to work, but when was the last time you changed a tire? When was the last time that you knew it was the right time to change the oil? Changing your own oil should be up there with one of the most basic life skills if you are a driver, and if you've never changed the oil on your car before but instead taking your car to an auto Body Shop to do it for you, is time to learn how to do it yourself. 

Teaching your boy to change his car's oil isn't just about getting their hands dirty. It's about instilling in them a sense of self-reliance and teaching them to respect the value of hard-earned money. As a father, you're not just tinkering with a car, you're imparting to them an essential lesson in basic car maintenance, and believe me, the bonding time it provides is priceless! Changing oil also presents an opportunity for you to instill in them green habits like proper oil disposal. The satisfaction they'll feel, and the boost in their confidence is just an added bonus! Stick around, fellow dads, and you'll definitely see why this hands-on lesson is key to raising strong and smart men.

Teaching Them The Value Of Saving Money

This handy skill can help your child save a significant amount of money in the long run by changing the oil themselves or even simply better understanding what's involved and being able to decide if they need that ultra-premium synthetic oil or if something more basic is ok for their vehicle.

It's more than just saving on those costly mechanic bills. This is a prime opportunity to teach them investment lessons, showing them how spending time and effort now can lead to significant savings later. It's about smart shopping and selecting the right oil and tools for the job. It's about budgeting basics, calculating the costs and savings. 

Help Your Child Better Understand Car Maintenance

Teaching the basics of an oil change and the role that oil plays in a car's engine is a critical step in both understanding how their car functions ... as well as the importance of proper maintenance so that it continues to right properly. This simple task can boost their vehicle literacy and foster problem-solving skills. More than that, it's a practical way to cultivate technical proficiency and mechanical aptitude.

A Time To Bond With Your Child

Sharing this hands-on experience of changing oil can also serve as a unique bonding opportunity with your child.

It's a golden chance to build trust and a shared experience as you train them on each step along the way. Teaching your son or daughter how to change their oil also encourages teamwork. As you and your child work together to accomplish a common goal this will create a bond that just simply wouldn't be possible if you took them to Jiffy Lube instead. 

Explore The Importance Of Self Reliance

Beyond the bonding, teaching your child how to change oil instills a sense of self-reliance that's invaluable in today's world. Being able to know how to change their own oil is an important step along the road to fully becoming an independent man or woman. While men traditionally get tasked with automotive chores and car maintenance, this element of being independent and self-reliant is especially important for dads with daughters.

Too many women are taken advantage of when it comes to auto care, so this is your chance to help your girls be strong, independent women who understand the fundamentals of taking care of their cars!

Share Your Passion For Environmental Responsibility

Finally, this is an important opportunity for you to have a conversation with your child about the value of environmental responsibility.

While teaching your child about oil changes might seem like a dirty task with few environmentally friendly elements, the opposite is actually true. You can teach them about recycling the oil and how proper maintenance helps reduce emissions. You'll also have the perfect opportunity to instill a deep respect for the environment. 

Below is a table outlining five environmental lessons that can be discussed during the oil change process:

Lesson TopicDescriptionDiscussion Points
1. Proper Disposal of Used Oil Used motor oil is a major contaminant if not disposed of properly. - Explain the importance of taking used oil to a recycling center.
- Discuss the harmful effects of dumping oil on the ground or in waterways.
- Highlight how recycled oil can be refined and reused, conserving resources.
2. Impact of Oil Leaks on Ecosystems Oil leaks from vehicles can harm local ecosystems, entering waterways and affecting wildlife. - Talk about how regular maintenance can prevent leaks and protect the environment.
- Describe how oil can accumulate on roads and wash into rivers, harming aquatic life.
3. Resource Conservation The production and disposal of motor oil consume natural resources. - Discuss the importance of regular maintenance to improve engine efficiency and reduce oil waste.
- Explore how using high-quality or synthetic oils can extend oil change intervals, reducing overall consumption.
4. Pollution and Air Quality Cars with poor maintenance can emit more pollutants. - Explain how regular oil changes and maintenance can lead to cleaner engine operation and reduced exhaust emissions.
- Discuss the role of cars in air pollution and the importance of clean technologies and practices.
5. Sustainable Practices in Automotive Care Adopting sustainable habits in car maintenance can significantly reduce environmental impact. - Consider the benefits of using environmentally friendly oils and filters.
- Talk about the broader concept of sustainable living and how small actions, like proper car maintenance, contribute to a larger impact.

These discussions can help instill a sense of environmental stewardship in young learners, teaching them that responsible car maintenance goes beyond just keeping the vehicle in good running condition—it's also about minimizing our ecological footprint.


So, there you have it, folks! Teaching your kiddo to change their own oil isn't just about greasy hands and car parts. It's a chance to instill money smarts, car knowledge, self-reliance, and even a love for Mother Earth. Plus, it's prime bonding time - who knew an oil change could be so heartwarming? Trust me, it's one of those unexpected parenting tasks that pays off in spades. Now, go grab that wrench and your kid, and get to bonding!

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