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As you may already know, cars can be complicated machines. You might know how to add petrol to your car every week when you are going to work, but when was the last time you changed a tire? When was the last time that you knew it was the right time to change the oil? Changing your own oil should be up there with one of the most basic life skills if you are a driver, and if you've never changed the oil on your car before but instead taking your car to an auto Body Shop to do it for you, is time to learn how to do it yourself. 

It's an easy way to get your hands dirty but also to learn more about the inside of your car. It's a simple maintenance that your car needs, and once you know how to do it you'll never look back. Sure, you can still head out to the auto Body Shop when you need help, but if you know how to change your oil you're going to find yourself able to get yourself out of a sticky situation if you need to. If you've never changed your own oil before, now is a great time to begin. Here are some of the reasons that you really should learn to do this yourself.


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  • Everything is available for you online. From instructions to video tutorials, you can learn pretty much anything online these days, including how to change your own oil of your car. It doesn't matter if they make all the models of the car that you own, you can always find instructions online to replace the oil in the car. A quick search will turn up multiple tutorials and videos and these are resources that can really help you to determine how technically difficult these are. It can also tell you which kind of oil that you need for your particular car, and the tools you need. Spoiler alert; You don't need coconut oil!
  • You can find the right tools really easily. Once you figure out the tools that you need to change the oil, and you check the owners manual for the correct oil and filter specifications, you can head to your neighborhood auto shop and buy what you need. Local auto parts stores carry large selections of philtres and oils, and the hardware store is where you can find the right tools. It doesn't take much, but knowing that you have the right things in place can help you to ensure that your oil change is a smooth one.
  • Quality control. Many mechanics out there don't tell their customers about the specifications or the manufacturer of the oil that they use. Usually this is because they bulk buy and get it from a wholesaler rather than from a local hardware store. You need to be able to use the best quality oil so that you are not cutting down on quality or costs for your car. Changing your own oil will ensure that your car is getting the quality lubrication that your vehicle manufacturer specifies it needs.
  • You are going to save so much time. Changing your own oil means you don't have to book an appointment to get your car looked at in the middle of your working day or when you are dealing with the kids. You can buy the oil and filter on your way home from work one day and change the oil in the evening because it only takes about 10 minutes.

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