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We have assembled an incredible community of experts on pretty much every bit of knowledge that a man could need help on and now is our chance to put that expertise to good work!

Think of our Ask The Men column as a "letter to the editor" feature that we've designed to help men who might need help from other guys who have "been there and done that".  This is also an opportunity for women to ask questions that they might not want to ask their fathers, sons, brothers, or husbands but are craving an answer to something. Your inquiry could also be as simple as looking for help picking a new car or maybe you are planning a bachelor party and you need some suggestions to make it epic. We're here for you!

We have selected members of our community of male lifestyle influencers representing different walks of life who have agreed to help answer your questions. 

The Men Who Blog Are Here To Answer Your Questions:

We have a group of some of the most talented male bloggers and social influencers who also are experts in various topics. We're ready to answer your questions on various topics including ...

  • Cars, Technology, and Gadgets
  • Home Improvement
  • Dating, Marriage, and Relationships
  • Food and Drinks
  • Parenting
  • Travel
  • Health and Fitness
  • Men's Fashion, Grooming, and Style
  • Sports, Entertainment and Pop Culture

.... and other topics that you might need help on.

NOTE: If you need immediate help for life threatening issues, please contact your local police, fire, public health department, or other emergency services provider. We are able to provide help and guidance to the best of our ability. However, we are not doctors, lawyers, or certified by any governing body to provide professional help. 

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Meet Some of Our Ask The Men Panelists:

James from ManTripping.com: He is an expert in Travel, Wine, Food, and Cruising. James hails from San Diego, California and has a passion for encouraging men to be better stewards of the environment by embracing no-compromises opportunities to support conservation and sustainability initiatives.

Sujeet from GuysGab.com: He is an expert in Cars, Sports, and Technology. Sujeet hails from Philadelphia and as a recently divorced man, he has a passion for helping other men overcome life-changing relationship issues and re-build their lives to be better and stronger than before.

Kevin from PubClub.com: He is an expert in Bars, Nightlife, Dating, and Sports. Kevin hails from San Diego, California and has a passion for finding a party everywhere he goes.

Tom from BourbonBlog.com: He is an expert in Premium Spirits, Wine, Cigars, and Travel. Tom hails from Evansville, Indiana and has a passion for supporting craft food and alcohol producers and helping to educate hungry and thirsty people so they have a stronger understanding of trends in the hospitality industry.

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