The Modern Bachelor Pad: Design For The Mature Single Man

Unfinished Man Historically, saying that a man lives in a bachelor pad was a bit derisive – it was a way of saying that he hadn’t really invested in his space or in a more adult identity. That being said, those bachelor pads generally belonged to young men, not long out of college. As the average age of marriage has increased, however, the bachelor pad has had to evolve with it. According to The Knot’s 2019 Real Weddings Study, men today don’t marry until age 34, on average. That means you have much more time, and more of an incentive, to hone your personal style. If you’re ready to reexamine your bachelor pad’s styling, look no further than this guide to mature design. It’s time to redefine the bachelor pad as a stylish space for today’s single man, not the lawn chair and futon filled space of years past. Consider Natural


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