Nicotine pouches and oral tobacco products provide an alternative for people who aren’t loving the alternative. For many people, vaping has offered an alternative to cigarettes that isn’t exactly what they had in mind. Specifically when the product is spurred on by a culture that doesn’t really coincide with a business minded image. While being enveloped in a dense cloud of grape flavored mist might be ideal for some, it has almost as many social drawbacks and cigarettes themselves. While the health consequences of vaping are still unclear, the ingrained annoyance towards vape users has more than cemented itself. So nicotine users are still left seeking reprieve, specifically in the professions where work-from-home isn’t an option; leaving them still kowtowing to a public that has become hyper health-conscious. Smoking bans have now permeated many of the most sought after occupations, doubling down on widespread strict outlaws for cigarette use


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