Last week, a mysterious parcel arrived at my door. It was heavy – weighing close to 50lbs – and since I didn’t remember actually ordering anything, I was especially curious. Postal delays have been rampant, and I figured it was something I had ordered ages ago and completely forgotten about. Well, it turns out that it was a pair of base-layer leggings and a shirt from ARTILECT Apparel. Cool! Product samples are a part of the job, and I’m always excited to test new garments and gear. The ARTILECT Products I received the “Boulder Crew” and “Boulder Leggings” made with Nuyarn merino fabric, which is essentially an enhanced version of merino wool. It’s stronger, warmer, stretchier, and more abrasion resistant. These just so happen to match up with my own gripes with merino, so I was excited to pop these bad-boys on and give them a test. The weather


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