The Bettoja Hotels Naepoliian Pasteria. Photo: Bettoja Hotels For special occasions like Easter, it’s good to go beyond the ordinary when making an Easter Dinner. With this in mind, the chefs of the Bettoja Hotels in Rome have handpicked two of their favorite dishes from their restaurants that people can cook at home. Note that as these are Italian dishes and thus, do require a bit of work to make. But the reward is quite worth the effort. When in Rome (even if you’re at home), right? Located in the heart of Rome, surrounded by the famous artistic and cultural wonders of the Eternal City, Bettoja Hotels is a family-run hotel chain. The Bettoja group was born in Rome in 1875 and has bourn witness to the history of Italy since its Unification. Lamb Chops This is the Bettoja Hotels lamb chops. Photo: Bettoja Hotels Chef Renzo Di Filippo,


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