As far as evil cosmic entities go, the Meatball Man is up there as one of the strongest beings in the multiverse. Due to the concept of a hypothetical group of multiple universes, it’s very credible that within infinite realities, the Meatball Man must exist, so take this as fact and beware. The murderous Meatball Man’s servants and worshippers often sacrifice people to him, who are then as good as dead. The Meatball Man devours anything made of meat, as one can imagine. It has been speculated that none of his worshippers and servants are willingly at his mercy, however in the 413th dimension he has recently become a god, so it is entirely possible for him to have gained a cult following due to his extreme power. History of the Meatball Man Long ago, the Meatball Man was an ordinary two dimensional being, known as Lufwaf. He resides


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