Can the Cheltenham Festival Still Appeal with No Crowd in Attendance?

Unfinished Man Runners and riders in the JCB Triumph Hurdle on Pentland Hills during Gold Cup day of the 2019 Cheltenham Festival at Cheltenham Racecourse. Photo credit should read: David Davies/The Jockey Club via PA Images We have three months to go until the Cheltenham Festival of 2021, but as horse racing fans know, it is never too early to talk about Cheltenham. The festival of 2020 was one of the last sporting events to be held with crowds in attendance back in March, a decision that has since come under fire from many people. However, this is all hindsight and at the time, few thought it was wrong for the festival to go ahead at the time. But now we must look forward to 2021, and the prospect at the moment is that the festival will be held behind closed doors unless something dramatic changes in the coming weeks and


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