Sweden Bans Alcohol Sales At Bars, Nightclubs & Bars After 10 PM

Stockholm nightclub nightlife... These girls enjoy a night out at a Stockholm nightclub in the pre-COVID era. Photo: Stockholm Pub Crawl Sweden, once the model for coronavirus control policies, is “facing a  situation that risks becoming pitch-black” according to Prime Minister Stefan Lofven. And that means he is doing what leaders in every other affected country the world is doing: coming down on bars, restaurants and nightclubs. He has has presented a law proposal that would ban alcohol sales after 10 p.m. Sweden’s Minister for Health and Social Affairs Lena Hallengren said all places with a permission to serve alcohol must close 30 minutes after 10 p.m., He described these places as “risk environments.” The ban would take affect Nov. 20. At the same time, Lofven has kept parts of the country open, while focusing on the “risk environments,” which he considers to be restaurants, bars and nightclubs , as well as nursing

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