NFL Picks For Week 11 Games And Why I Picked These Winners & Losers

San Diego Chargers Girls cheerleaders The Chargers Girls look good during games performing their routines. Photo: By Kevin Wilkerson, NFL Editor Week 12 of the NFL season is here are this week’s winners and losers, along with the reasons I picked these teams. The winner is in bold with confidence points in the far right column. Game# Visitor Home Your Pick Conf. Pts 1 Arizona Cardinals Seattle Seahawks SEA (home) 3 2 Atlanta Falcons New Orleans Saints NO (home) 2 3 Cincinnati Bengals Washington Fb Team CIN (visitor) 4 4 Detroit Lions Carolina Panthers DET (visitor) 6 5 New England Patriots Houston Texans NE (visitor) 12 6 Philadelphia Eagles Cleveland Browns PHI (visitor) 1 7 Pittsburgh Steelers Jacksonville Jaguars PIT (visitor) 14 8 Tennessee Titans Baltimore Ravens TEN (visitor) 5 9 Miami Dolphins Denver Broncos MIA (visitor) 8 10 New York Jets Los Angeles Chargers LAC (home) 9 11 Dallas Cowboys Minnesota


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