New Year’s Eve Party Tequila Cocktail Suggestions With Recipes

watermelon margarita La-Adelita tequila This Watermelon margarita will be a hit at your NYE party. Drink up for New Year’s Eve! Here are some perfect NYE cocktails in which to say goodbye (and good riddance) to 2020 and to welcome the arrival of 2021. The unique drinks use tequila, which is a spirit you may not normally associate with for a New Year’s Eve party, but they will sure kick up your NYE celebration. These cocktails use La Adelita tequila, a premium tequila from the western Mexican state of Jalisco known for being the birthplace of tequila and mariachi music. The agave plants and distillery is located in the neighboring highlands of Los Altos, which sits at an altitude of 7,290 feet. The tequila is named honor of Adelita, the fearless woman who led the female fighters in the Mexican Revolution. In addition to these cocktails you can also sip this tequila or even


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