The Poop Deck in Hermosa Beach turned 56 when this photo was taken in 2013. Photo: By Kevin Wilkerson, Hermosa Beach Blogger I wish it were an April Fool’s joke. But the only joke here is what’s going in its place. The Deck bar – for many of its years it was Poop Deck and many locals still call it that – in Hermosa Beach, CA, is closing for good on April 1. Going up in its place: a convenience store. It’s bad enough that the South Bay is losing one of its few bars right on The Strand but not to have another drinking establishment in its place is a blow that is hard to swallow. All we have now is Hennessey’s and Slater’s 50/50, which is nothing at all like its long-time predecessor, the Mermaid. Heck, I’m still not over La Playita moving 20-something years


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