By Kevin Wilkerson, Lifestyle Blogger This blog post is an attempt to make sense of the latest news, sports and entertainment headlines. So maybe nobody asked me, but where’s what I think about these gems. • Why can’t Congress pass a bill for the good of Americans without bickering about it like the brat, privileged kid who didn’t get what he or she wanted for Christmas? • Why can’t college basketball announcers focus on the game they are broadcasting? They spend 9/10ths of it talking about “bracketology,” how many teams various conferences might get into March Madness and everything but what’s happening on the court. This drives me CRAZY!” • Speaking of college basketball broadcasters driving me crazy, two words: Bill Walton • Why can gorillas at the San Diego Zoo get vaccinated before me – and other Pubclubbers? • It’s good to see that California Gov. Gavin


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