7 Party Tips For Celebrating New Year’s Eve 2021 With Coronavirus Lockdowns

house karaoke singer Singing karaoke is a fun way to have a great NYE party at home. Photo: PubClub.con By Kevin Wilkerson, PubClub.com New Year’s Eve Expert Published Dec. 27, 2020 In a year when the big celebrations, fireworks and performances are all virtual, New Year’s Eve 2021 is a stay-home activity rather than a must-go-out extravaganza. But there’s still a away to have fun at home and doing it in a safe and fun manner. Here are PubClub.com’s 7 party tips for celebrating NYE with coronavirus lockdowns in place. 1.) Make Sure All Guests Are Negative. That’s the most important thing to consider ahead of time. You don’t want your event to become a spreader of the virus or anyone (including yourself) to get it. One way to be sure it to invite people who have recovered from mild COVID cases. 2.) Keep The Gathering To No More Than 8 People

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