GMC Introduces Canyon AT4 OVRLANDX Off-Road Concept Truck


We loved what Chevrolet did to the Colorado ZR2 with the Bison package and it looks like GMC is headed down that same path with this one. While they seem to be positioning this OVRLANDX truck as purely a concept to stoke the imagination, we would love to see something like this available for purchase at GMC dealers. Even if it was simply a set of dealer-installed options this would be exactly what Canyon needs to fully differentiate itself.

GMC revealed the Canyon AT4 OVRLANDX concept truck today at Overland Expo Mountain West 2021. This concept was designed to explore GMC’s vision for its growing lineup of premium yet capable trucks and SUVs. Currently Canyon sits in the awkward position of being the Chevy Colorado's awkward brother without a fully developed identity.   



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