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date night tips

It’s date night, and you’ve finished a lovely meal with your chosen date. Everything is going smoothly and you’re currently sitting in your living room enjoying a nice glass of wine. You both know what’s coming next, but have you prepared for it? 

Rewind to the morning and you need to get everything ready for the evening’s entertainment. Dinner is already sorted, so now you should turn your attention to the bedroom ambiance. Create a good environment and your partner for the evening will be more than pleased. They’ll be up for anything and won’t have second thoughts. 

If your bedroom has the wrong ambiance, the opposite can happen. They’ll be put off, possibly leading to a fake phone call that drags them back home for the night. You can avoid this with the following three tricks: 


Make Your Room Smell Nice

No woman (or man) wants to go to someone’s house and be brought back to a room that stinks. It could smell of old food, sweat, stale air; you name it. 

First things first, remove anything smelly from your room. This includes food, drink, old washing, etc. Secondly, purify the air so it’s nice and fresh. Companies like Hunter Pure Air do air purifiers that’ll improve the smell of your room, and you should also open a window. Finally, light some candles when you get home so the room has a nice romantic smell when you both go up there. 


Clean Up Any Mess

Similarly, your room doesn’t have a good ambiance for date night when it’s a complete mess. Now, unless you’re married to this person or share the same room, you have no excuse to bring them back to a messy bedroom. It makes you look like a messy child, which is an instant turn-off for most people. 

Spend some time clearing everything away and making your bedroom look nice and presentable. Change the sheets and make your bed too. Think of it this way; if you show up to the date in a tracksuit with stains on it, your date will sneak out midway through. So, why would you bring them back to a messy place?! It’ll have the same effect!


Set Some Mood Lighting

This is where lots of guys go wrong. Usually, we don’t bother with mood lighting in our rooms. We have the main light on, or no light at all. Needless to say, your partner for the evening isn’t going to want to spend the night in your room with a big bright light shining down on them. It’s just…weird! 

Instead, you need to set the mood. If you have enough candles, you can rely on them to create a flickering dim light. It’s really sexy and cozy, which is exactly what you’re after. Or, get a cheap smart bulb online that you can control from your phone. This’ll let you dim the main light so the room is in moodier lighting. You could go one step further and switch the bulb’s color to red - but that’s a bold move to make!

The point is that you need to create the perfect bedroom ambiance on date night. All of your hard work could be ruined if your date enters your bedroom and is appalled by what they see. Use the three tricks above to ensure that never happens - and you always get lucky. 

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