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these are some of the worst foods for a date night dinner

There’s nothing like the pressure of planning there perfect date night. Not only do you have to consider what your date will enjoy, but what will also continue making the best impression.

Carefully consider the status of the relationship and goal of the date while trying to determine appropriate food options. Is this your first date, or a date night in an established relationship? Next, what do you and your date appreciate? Finally, what are your goals for the date (e.g., ending intimately, prepping for another date, ending the relationship)?

These are all important considerations when you think about where you’ll go, and what you’ll eat. But let’s assume you want to continue making plans, including spending time after dinner. Here are some foods you may want to avoid, making the evening special.

Beans And Broccoli Are Gas Makers

There is nothing that kills the romantic mood more quickly than when the gases start flowing. Not only do these cause an unpleasant environment, but also gastrointestinal distress, killing the mood in multiple ways. While everyone has their own individual triggers, there are some common foods among all people because of how they metabolize.

These include cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, and Brussels sprouts. Beans of all varieties are also a common offender. While these all offer amazing nutrition, they also release gases that must make their way out.

Garlic & Onion Are Kiss Killers

Garlic and onion are amazing ingredients in many dishes. There is nothing like walking by a restaurant that is cooking something up with some garlic.

However, there are many reasons why you might want to avoid these while on date night. There is the obvious effect it has on your breath, which makes getting close less than ideal.

Additionally, these have more effects beyond just your breath, especially for garlic. When you consume a large amount of garlic, the oil starts coming out through your pores too. This means you have a very pungent smell, even if you just brushed your teeth.

For onions, different onions have different aromas. If you decide to try something with onion, try to stick with sweet onions to minimize their effects.

Messy Food That Is Difficult to Eat Politely

You should also be careful how complex or messy it is to eat your food. Picture in your mind how it looks when you tear into a crustacean with your bare hands.

When you eat something difficult, you get in the way of actually connecting with your date. Leave these fun foods for a different meal, and choose something that won’t distract from the person who’s with you.

Often accompanying difficult foods are messy foods. This may also include pastas, soups, and fried foods. Most people lack grace while consuming them, and they may leave you looking like a toddler came to dinner with you.

Carbonation Is Not Going To Be Your Friend

While the occasional soft drink or seltzer mixer may taste good, they also lead to gastrointestinal problems. Initially, you may feel some bloating, which makes you uncomfortable.

Next, carbonation leads to belching. While this may be fun with kids or a night out with the guys, it does not impress in the romantic realm. Stick with water or flat beverages of some kind to keep these risks to a minimum.

Smile Killers

You should have fun while on a date, which means you should wear your smile throughout the evening. The last thing you want is to greet your date with a disgusting green speck in your teeth.

Okay, so it may not be green, but you get the point. Try to avoid foods that will leave anything unexpected in your teeth, which just makes everyone uncomfortable. Whatever ends up in your teeth may distract your date, and they'll have to wrestle with whether to tell you.

The common offenders include leafy greens, chopped herbs, and even black pepper. Consider grilled or cooked vegetables, and pull the herbs as you eat.

Raw Meat & Seafood

Sushi and other raw foods have gained a lot of popularity over the years. However, these may not be the best date night option. These foods pose a significant risk of leading to a foodborne illness. Do you want to risk a night on the porcelain throne rather than with your date?

Avoid Any Fermented Foods

Some people love fermented foods, including sauerkraut, pickled anything, kimchi, and fermented tofu. While these again have incredible health benefits, they definitely are not for anyone, and leave you rather ripe. Leave those particular specialties for once the relationship is well-established or a less special occasion.

The Most Expensive Thing on The Menu

Exercising some humility on a date is always a good idea. When you go out for dinner, avoid the temptation of ordering the most expensive item on the menu, even if you normally would enjoy it.

Doing so on a date may come off as pompous to your date, especially if it is a new relationship. Further, you may not know their view of money and spending, which could tank the whole thing before it really gets a chance to start. I’m not saying to only order the side salad, but temper flaunting what you can afford.

Something New That You Aren't Sure How To Eat Properly

If you want to have a nice night out, avoid anything that you haven’t tried already. While trying new things is an adventure and a great way to live, there is a proper time and place.

When you first try something new, your body language may give you away if you don’t like it. If that is the case, then you’re left the rest of the night wishing for a burger or steak, or in desperate times even Taco Bell.

Second, new dishes may have ingredients you haven’t tried, try an unusual preparation method. This very well could leave your date entertaining him or herself while you attend to your internal plumbing issues.

When it comes to date night, remember your goal is enjoying the person giving you their time. Play it conservative with your food options, and leave the culinary adventures for another time.

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