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perfect marriage proposal

First and foremost, kudos for finding lasting love in an era of friend-zoning, ghosting, fooling around, and breadcrumbing. Second, congratulations on deciding to make your relationship official. Lastly, trust me and stick with me until the end to make your knee-bending event memorable and smooth.

Wedding Proposal Guide for You

I am happy and ecstatic that you have found your true love. You found someone to spend the rest of your life with, whether at college, on a dating app, on a blind date, or via a mutual friend. Now you are ready to embark on a significant and long-awaited undertaking - the wedding proposal.

Wedding proposals are nerve-wracking even if you’re a romantic. There's a lot of pressure, after all. But don't worry. Here are a few expert tips to help you drop the "Will You Marry Me?" bomb on your partner. Let's start!

Ensure That You Both Are on the Same Page

What if you're on your knees and your lover flees for life, petrified of marriage? No matter how confident you are, the first step is to check that your partner is ready to marry.

Before the big day, bring up the marriage question casually and calmly. Communicate your marriage intentions and try to get to know your partners.

Well, just to bring it to your notice, your partner’s zodiac signs might also play a key role here. Certain zodiac signs are impatient, while others are difficult to converse with.

If you're having trouble communicating with your partner, try a compatibility test on https://www.mysticmag.com/zodiac-signs/. Find comprehensive results, know your partner's conversational qualities, and talk carefully.

Take Blessings

Taking blessings may seem old school, but it is a noble and meaningful gesture. So, before you get down on your knees, ask your partner's parents for their blessing. If your love has a kid or children, take their blessing.

Also, videotape the blessing and present it to your sweetheart afterward. Trust me, your soon-to-be bride or groom will appreciate it for being courteous and considerate.

Choose the Engagement Ring

Picking up the ring is the most complex and important decision you will ever make. Since it represents a soulful relationship and your lover will flaunt it for the rest of their life, you should put more thought into it. Choose one based on your partner's preferences.

Start paying attention to your partner's daily or occasional wear of jewelry, enlisting the help of a close friend or relative. If your partner is a Pinterest user, check their Pinterest board, and sneak a peek into their saved collection on Instagram.

After you choose the ring, find out your partner's ring size. You may steal a ring that your partner wears on the ring finger. Or you may get a ring adjuster with the ring. Finally, buy the engagement ring from a trusted jeweler.

Plan the Proposal Considering Your Partner's Preferences

Does your partner prefer intimacy over socializing? Then cozy up the living room with cabana decor, scented candles, roses, red heart balloons, lovely pictures, and a home-cooked meal. Alternatively, if your partner enjoys the company of loved ones, organize a gathering of close friends and family.

Take cues from your partner's preferences and keep the proposal simple. If you feel your partner likes being the center of attention and would be smitten by grand gestures, organize a proposal in a sports stadium. Or you could consider a camping night in solitude.

Prepare a Heartfelt Speech

I beg you not to use the internet to prepare a speech. It will be awkward and emotionless rather than heartfelt. You can scribble down things like what you admire most about your partner when you realize they are the one you want to spend your life with, how thrilled you are for the marriage, how lucky and blessed you feel, and whatever else comes to mind. Your lover will feel connected and moved.

Arrange a Photographer

Proposals are the most significant and emotionally charged event in anyone's life. So, you must record the occasion, memories, and sentiments to treasure for the rest of your life.

You can either hire a photographer or enlist the assistance of a friend or cousin. Request that they stay hidden, silent, and document everything on the sidelines. Capture your partner's dramatic surprise and your thrilled reaction.


You're all ready to make the life-changing gesture. However, I highly suggest you remain flexible if the event has to be rescheduled. Don't rush anything; instead, go with the flow. 

When the big day arrives, breathe deeply, go down on one knee, communicate the thoughts that you jotted down in raw form, allow your partner time to grasp what's going on, open the ring box, grab your partner's hand, and slide the ring off the ring finger. Cheers in advance on your engagement!

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