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Guys, there are a lot of things that we are good at, but we are way behind the ball in terms of Twitter parties. Don't worry though, as a veteran who has run hundreds of Twitter parties as a brand and a blogger there are some easy tips that can help you get into the groove quickly. When done properly, participating in a Twitter party is a great way to grow your following, increase your reputation and win some great prizes ranging from trips to gift cards and everything in between.

Follow the Leader, Your Twitter Party Host

The role of the Twitter party host is to moderate the discussion and present the questions. To get the full Twitter party experience you will of course need to follow the hashtag but that can be overwhelming initially. The Twitter party host will usually share questions out in the format of "Q1: This is the first question! #hashtag".

ReTweet Twitter Party Questions

It is Twitter party etiquet to RT the host's questions so that it can increase the reach of the conversation and gives your followers a chance to join in too.

Respond to Twitter Party Questions

After your Retweet the Twitter party question, you will want to respond back by using "A1: This is my answer to your first question! #hashtag". By including "A1:" it helps people who are also participating in the Twitter party know which question your answer is connected to. 

It's important here to remember that this is your opportunity to get exposure beyond what you might normally get. That extra exposure will lead to an increase in Twitter followers as well as an improved reputation as someone who has good stuff to say. Brands love to see genuine enthusiasm for their products, so this is also a great opportunity to engage with brands you love. That in turn may lead to paid opportunities including being a co-host in future Twitter parties.

The Almighty Twitter Party Hashtag!

By following the Twitter party host you will be able to see the questions, but you will want to also see what others are saying as well. To do this, you must follow the hashtag and also include the hashtag in your tweets so that people following the conversation can see your comments and engage with them.

twitter party rsvp

RSVP / Register For the Twitter Party

Ok, so you don't have to RSVP - you could just show up and join the conversation but that's not as fun as winning some cool stuff! Twitter parties have all sorts of prizes that can range from trips to gift cards and everything in betwen. The Twitter parties that we run here at #MenWhoBlog will typically have four requirements:

  1. Follow the handles of the host, co-hosts, and brand.
  2. Tweet a promotional tweet announcing that you are attending the Twitter party.
  3. Confirm that tweet by pasting the link in our Linky.
  4. Attend the Twitter party and join in the conversation.

It's that easy! I've run hundreds of Twitter parties and given out thousands of dollars in prizes, so if you don't register you are missing out on some great stuff.


Use Multiple Windows or Panes to Follow the Conversation

Ready to get advanced? This requires a bit of setup but once you do it, you'll never go back. Use Tweetdeck (free) and set up three panes - Hashtag Search, Notifications, and User. You can also do this by opening up multiple instances of Twitter in different windows or using a program like Hootsuite. However, I find the Tweetdeck updates extremely quickly (because it is part of Twitter vs a thirdparty app) and that makes it much easier to follow instead of discovering you are 5 minutes behind and responding to an old question.

keep calm and tweet on 425

Have Fun!

Twitter parties should be about having fun. This is your chance to meet new people, discuss ideas, share stories, and laugh a bit. Just remember that if you start to get frustrated, take a deep breath and don't worry. It happens to the best of us. However if you follow the steps above on how to participate in a Twitter party, you'll be sure to be a Twitter party pro in no time!


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