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 Guests For Your New Podcast

Despite the emergence of video, podcasts are still hugely popular. In the United States alone, there are currently more than 120 million people that listen to podcasts!

Building a successful podcast takes a lot of work. Producing content that has people listening every week needs good planning and a creative approach. One of the most popular ways to do this is to feature guests on your podcast. But who should you feature and how do you go about attracting people guests to your podcast?

Use Your Network

When you first launch your podcast, it can be difficult to attract high-quality guests as you don’t yet have the listeners or the reputation. Start by tapping into your pool of contacts and friends. They will be more likely to help you out as a favor and will be happy to get behind that streaming microphone and contribute their knowledge. Your friends and colleagues may even be able to introduce you to others who could appear on your podcast as a guest. 

Look For Authors 

Whatever your subject, someone will have written a book about it, probably hundreds of people. When it comes to promotional opportunities, authors of soon to be published books will often jump at the chance to appear on podcasts in exchange for plugging their book. Check on Amazon to see which books in your niche are being published in the next six months and get in touch with the authors about appearing on your podcast. 

Add Extra Benefits

You’re going to need to work a little harder, in the beginning, to convince people that appearing on your podcast is a good thing. Added extras may convince people to say yes. When you’re pitching your podcast, be sure to mention the promotion to your email list and social media channels.  Offer to add links to their website or products alongside any promotion that you do. 

Offer A Skills Swap

Offer to do something for your podcast guest that will benefit them as well. You could offer to appear on their podcast, write a guest post for their blog or give them a testimonial of some sort. 

Join A Podcast Guest Platform

In the last few years, a number of podcast guest services has appeared. You simply need to fill out some details of your podcast topic so potential speakers can find you. You will also be able to approach others you are interested in appearing on podcasts in your niche. Some of these services are free and others charge a small monthly fee. You may need to try a few out before your find the best one for you. 


Attracting the right guests to your podcast be the key to its success. Well known podcasts have no issues finding high profile personalities to appear, but when you’re just starting out, it can be much more difficult if you don’t already have the reputation. By starting small and building the right foundations, then you will be spoiled for choice in the future. 

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