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how influencers can up their like game

Like it or not, but in the quest for authentic word of mouth market, agencies and marketing executives have created a world where influencers are forced to take shortcuts and cater to easily manipulated metrics such as followers, likes and shares. There's nothing wrong with building your "power" as a social media influencer but the danger is when you lose site of what those metrics actually mean and who the real people are in your audience who will ultimately help support your success. Here are some ways that you can blow up your numbers and take the express lane to social media success.

Hire An Agency To Help Create Your Image

If you want to attract the attention of brands and creative marketing agencies such as unrulyagency.com then you can either spend months or even years cultivating an image and persona that advertisers see as appealing, or you can hire an agency to build that for you. It really isn't that hard but few of us are good at strategic marketing, photography, copy writing, and promotion the way an agency can execute for you. Sure, that's going to be expensive but it isn't unheard of these days among folks that want to be the 'next big thing'. 

Even if you can't hire a full-service agency to build this social media persona for you and manage all your channels, even hiring a photographer to help suggest poses that will attract likes and comments can be a big boost.

Post Constantly (and delete poorly performing posts)

Algorithms are all over the place and while most agencies and social media strategists suggest quality over quantity, you can simply reach more people by posting more often. The key here is that it always has to be interesting content and it can't just be dumping 25 Instagram stories in 30 minutes. You need to give your prospective audience tons of opportunity to see your content and engage. One important caveat here is understanding your market. If you are a Generation Z influencer with an audience seeking fashion tips or entertaining memes then this will work better than if you are a beer blogger who's audience might include a mixture of folks who are older and less socially engaged. 

The nice thing about platforms like Snapchat and IG Stories is that the content goes away quickly. This allows us to post more content on a daily basis as well as even recycling content. On platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TickTok though, you might want to periodically prune poorly performing posts. These posts can possibly be recycled if you think the reason for them not working as simply timing or maybe the combination of hashtags used. 

By pruning your feed it will help anyone considering following you to see only "good content" instead of having to wade through a bunch of junk that didn't work well.

Create Interesting Content That People Want To Share

Just like any other part of your business, making sure you upload posts that are unique and interesting will keep your followers engaged. Add some form of visual to each post to catch people’s eyes when they are scrolling through their feed. Bright and lightly edited photos are great for showing that you are naturally talented and want to show your brand off without the need for over editing with filters. The newest craze is reels and transitions which are showing of your business using fun short videos which often will be of big interest to your customers. Research what type of bio layout will suit you and your brand as it can say a lot about what they will see when they follow you. You could have a simple quote explaining what you offer or various emojis with quotes to make it more interesting and easy to read, often people forget how important a bio is to a brand.

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