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Top beer blogs and bloggers that we love to read

Guys like to drink beer ... not all of them, but a lot of us enjoy an ice-cold beer at sporting events, while fishing, or simply to relax after a long hard day's work. While the enjoyment of beer is important, these bloggers go further and talk about the brewers and breweries that make today's best beers as well as sharing trends in the beer industry with their audiences through blogs, social media, newsletters, and more. 

21 Top Beer Blogs That We Love To Read

While some of these blogs may be 100% focused on beer and brewing, others are men's lifestyle blogs that also cover beer in fun and unique ways. Because we love all of these blogs we didn't want to rank them as the number one or number 10 beer blog, so please take a look at all of the ones that we selected and let us know your thoughts and, "who is your favorite blogger who covers beer?"


VinePair is a digitally-centered blog focused on providing the most interesting and up-to-date information on all things alcohol. Though VinePair's specialty is beer, they also discuss wine, spirits, cheese, and even coffee. They offer reviews, recipes and discussions.

Craft Beer & Brewing

Craft Beer & Brewing is a magazine created by beer lovers with a background in magazine work. Their online blog has resources on the craft of brewing beers, including multiple online courses, informative videos and online tools for conversion rates related to alcohol. They additionally offer a shop for the purchase of books on homebrewing techniques.


Concentrated solely on narrative journalism, PUNCH is an online magazine covering wine, spirits, beer and cocktails. The blog seeks to explore the connection of alcohol with people and places. Besides their in-depth articles and columns, they provide tips and tricks to improve classic and new drinks and original recipes.


This trade publication covers the beer brewing industry as a whole. Included in the blog is a job board for the beer industry, a list of breweries from around the world, a marketplace for brewing equipment and the most up-to-date news on the industry. Brewbound also offers Brewbound Frontlines, a live discussion with top brewers around the world.

Craft Beer

Craft Beer is an educational resource for craft beer brewers. The blog has links to programs for learning about the art of brewing, a list of breweries around The United States, information on what food to pair beers with. Additionally, the blog provides news on the brewing industry.


ManTripping is a blog that covers a variety of topics that may interest men, including travel, food, drinks, cars, sports, entertainment, fitness and health. One section of the website is dedicated to wine, beers, spirits and cocktails. Here, ManTripping gives recipe ideas and gift ideas for alcohol lovers.

Guys Gab

Having started in 2011, Guys Gab is a men's lifestyle magazine that has expanded to encompass numerous topics, including cars, entertainment, fashion, grooming, how-tos, tech, travel, women, and food & drinks. Their drink section gives reviews on alcoholic beverages. Guys Gab also focuses on more unique drink flavors, including chocolate-flavored and pumpkin-flavored beers.


Tastings is purely a review blog, containing reviews on spirits, wine and beer. Their online review scores are given by various individuals, including bartenders, buyers, journalists and restaurateurs. They also provide general information on drinks and how they are made.

Beer Street Journal

Beer Street Journal is a large collection of beer news, education, and entertainment. The blog consists of the latest and greatest in beer headlines, reviews of the newest drinks and info on industry news.


Predominantly a men's lifestyle blog, Gunaxin contains seven different sections: sports, humor, media, motors, gadgets, grub and travel. Gunaxin takes a light-hearted approach to these topics. Their drinks section gives recommendations on which beers to try, particularly during given seasons.

Hop Culture

Hop Culture examines craft beer from several different lenses, including travel, gear, people and culture. The blog writers travel around The U.S., tasting different beers, interviewing individuals in the industry, and reflecting on beer culture in general. They offer a store with merchandise of the company, including clothing and drink glasses.


October's blog purpose is to look at how beer has a bigger place in the context of people both in the past and present. Their main feature is essays that cover beer news, jobs, and reviews, and features on travel, women in the beer industry and breweries around The U.S. They also provide information on current beer-related events in America.

The New School

Based in the Pacific Northwest, The New School establishes itself as the top web magazine for beer and cider news, commentary and opinion in Oregon and Washington. The blog discusses new beers and breweries and offers a take on classic beer flavors.

Porch Drinking

Porch Drinking is a blog dedicated to discussing beer and other topics in a humorous and compelling format. They provide beer guides, reviews and news while also discussing news topics and pop culture. Additionally, the blog holds a weekly podcast with individuals involved in the beer and brewing industry.


TMR Zoo is an online site that's centered on men's interests, including entertainment, music, sports, women and beer. The beer part of their site offers reviews, news, and advice columns.

The Full Pint

The Full Pint is devoted to all things craft beer, including news, reviews, event listings and opinion pieces. The blog promotes itself as a resource for breweries across America, both large and small, supporting a friendly and informative atmosphere.

Guys Drinking Beer

What began as a website full of reviews on all kinds of beer grew into an advocacy group for the craft beer movement. Guys Drinking Beer is a place for both information on beers and the craft beer industry as well as home to the 'Save the Craft' grassroots movement that supports rights for small craft brewers in the Chicago area.

The Brew Site

One of the longest-running beer blogs on the internet, The Brew Site has been covering beer and the brewing industry for over 15 years. The site consists of beer and brewery reviews, homebrewing recipes, news of beer festivals, and collective beer blogging with other sites.

Don't Drink Beer

Don't Drink Beer is a comedic blog focusing on beer news and reviews. Ran by one individual, the blog has a humorous and straight-forward approach to the topic and includes video reviews.

It's a Brew Life

Founded by two long-time beer and brew lovers, It's a Brew Life details brewery visits and includes beer reviews. The site also focuses on the beer and brew lifestyle, artistic design of beer labels and recipes for home brewing.

Beer Alien

Started by so-called 'aliens,' Beer Alien consists of a team of 'aliens' who cover all things beer and brewing. The blog posts reviews, news updates on the industry, event overviews, and offers various recipes.

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