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environmentally friendly second wedding ideas

Tying the knot for the second time? You might be looking to make it special in more ways than one. Many grooms are now thinking beyond the glitz and glam of traditional weddings, considering their impact on our planet. It's no secret that big events can leave a hefty carbon footprint – from extravagant decor to lavish buffets, there's often a lot of waste left when the party is over. It doesn't have to be that way though - let's take a look at ways that you can start your life together in an Earth-friendly way!

In comes your opportunity to do things differently this time around with an environmentally friendly twist. From rings crafted out of sustainable materials to local eats that'll tantalize taste buds without harming the earth, making eco-conscious choices can greatly reduce trash and help conserve resources.

This blog post is filled with tips and tricks for hosting an unforgettable celebration that not only marks a new chapter in life but also honors Mother Nature. Ready for some green inspiration? Let’s dive right into creating lasting memories with care for our environment!

Key Takeaways

  • Choose rings made of recycled gold or silver and consider using electronic invites to save trees.
  • Have a smaller wedding with close friends and family to cut down on waste.
  • Donate to a men's health organization instead of buying groomsmen gifts.
  • Pick local, sustainable food for your menu and use venues that are eco - friendly.
  • For your honeymoon, go somewhere close or have a destination wedding. This can help the planet by reducing travel.


As you and your partner embark on this exciting journey, consider sustainable materials for the rings and opting for electronic invites instead of paper. Select an environmentally friendly proposal location and concept to start your new chapter on a planet-friendly note.

Sustainable Materials For The Rings

Think about choosing rings made from sustainable materials for your big day. Metals like recycled gold or silver can make your rings both beautiful and earth-friendly. You could also look for gemstones that are ethical, avoiding the harm caused by some mining practices. Rings made from natural materials are becoming very popular too. For instance, wood rings can harness the beautiful randomness of nature and offer you both a token that is as unique to your relationship as your love for each other.

Jewelers often have options like these, so you can pick a ring that's good for the planet.

Consider asking where the materials come from when you shop for rings. This helps ensure you're not supporting bad practices that hurt the environment. Choosing an engagement ring with a backstory of sustainability makes it even more special—it’s not just a symbol of love but also a nod to taking care of our world.

Using vintage or second-hand rings is another great way to go green. You might find them at antique stores or online markets like Facebook Marketplace. Not only do these options save valuable resources, but they can also add unique history and charm to your wedding story.

Electronic Invites Instead Of Paper

Let's talk about invites. Sending out digital invitations is a smart move for your second wedding. It saves trees and cuts down on paper waste that might get thrown away.

Plus, it's super easy to manage RSVPs online—you can quickly track who's coming and update guests with any changes.

Get creative with e-vites! You can design something that shows off your style as a couple without costing the earth anything. Share all the info your friends need in one click, from maps to menus—all without printing a single piece of paper.

Imagine cutting out piles of envelopes, stamps, and trips to the mailbox; you'll save time, money, and the planet all at once.

Jump into this modern way of inviting folks—it’s good for our environment and adds a touch of tech-savvy flair to your wedding planning!

Select An Environmentally Friendly Proposal Location And Concept

Pick a place for your proposal that loves the Earth as much as you love your partner. Think about spots that won't need a lot of travel and where nature is already stunning—like a local park, beach, or even your own backyard.

Using natural beauty means you don't have to decorate too much or at all.

Get creative with how you pop the question without harming the planet. Maybe plant a tree together which can grow along with your relationship, symbolizing future growth and care—not just for each other but also for the environment around you.

This way, you're making memories and helping the earth breathe easier.


Consider opting for a smaller, more intimate ceremony with close friends and family to reduce the environmental impact of your wedding. Instead of traditional groomsmen gifts, consider making charitable donations to a men's health organization.

And work with a caterer and wedding venue that can source local, sustainable food and beverages for your big day.

Consider Opting For A Smaller Ceremony That Includes Close Friends and Family

Opt for a more intimate ceremony with only close friends and family. Keep it small to reduce waste and minimize the environmental impact. By doing so, you can create a more meaningful and personal experience while also cutting down on unnecessary consumption.

This approach aligns with the eco-friendly theme of your wedding, emphasizing quality over quantity. It allows you to focus on what truly matters - sharing this special day with the people who mean the most to you.

Additionally, hosting a smaller ceremony makes it easier to implement sustainable practices, such as locally sourced food and minimal packaging, contributing to a more environmentally friendly celebration that reflects your values.

Ditch The Fancy "Only Wear Once" Wedding Garb

Consider ditching the fancy, "only wear once" wedding garb for a more sustainable approach. Embrace vintage and second-hand items for eco-friendly attire options. You can explore renting a suit or tuxedo as well, reducing the environmental impact of purchasing new formal attire.

This aligns with an eco-conscious mindset and allows you to allocate resources to more meaningful aspects of your special day—like choosing a sustainable venue and working with vendors who prioritize sustainability.

When it comes to accessorizing, consider using materials like recycled metals for cufflinks or opting for sustainably sourced ties and pocket squares. By embracing these alternatives, you're making choices that are kinder to the environment while still looking sharp on your big day.

Instead Of Groomsman Gifts Consider Donating To A Men's Health Organization Instead

Give back to men's health by donating to a men's health organization instead of traditional groomsman gifts. This can support vital research and resources for men's physical and mental well-being, making a meaningful impact in your community and beyond.

Show your commitment to the well-being of the important men in your life by contributing to a cause that truly matters.

Opting for this gesture can bring awareness to men's health issues and encourage open conversations about overall wellness. By directing funds towards this cause, you are championing an essential aspect of masculinity—taking care of oneself inside and out.

Work With A Caterer And Wedding Venue Able To Source Local Food and Beverages

When planning your wedding, choose a caterer and venue that prioritizes sourcing local food and beverages. This supports local farmers, reduces the environmental impact of transportation, and ensures fresher, more sustainable options for your menu.

Locally sourced ingredients can also add unique flavors to your dishes while contributing to the community.

Consider opting for a vegetarian menu or incorporating plant-based options into your catering plan. By doing so, you support sustainable agricultural practices and reduce the carbon footprint associated with meat production.


Pick a honeymoon destination that prioritizes sustainability practices and consider choosing a location closer to home to minimize travel emissions. Destination weddings can also be a fun and sustainable option, allowing you to travel once for both the wedding and honeymoon.

Pick A Location That Includes Sustainability Practices As A Core Principle

Choose a wedding location that prioritizes eco-friendly practices, such as using solar-powered energy or being LEED-certified. Look for venues that recycle, reduce food waste, and offer reusable dishware to minimize environmental impact.

Opting for a sustainable venue aligns with your goal of having an environmentally friendly wedding and sets the tone for a conscious celebration.

When selecting your wedding destination, consider places known for their sustainability efforts, such as resorts with carbon-neutral initiatives or locations committed to preserving local ecosystems.

Consider Picking A Honeymoon Destination That Is Closer To Home To Avoid Flying

Instead of jetting off to a far-flung location, think about choosing a honeymoon spot closer to home. This reduces the environmental impact of flying long distances and supports local economies.

Additionally, staying closer means less time spent traveling and more time enjoying your honeymoon.

Opting for a nearby destination allows you to explore hidden gems in your region and discover new places without excessive travel. You can still experience romance and adventure while minimizing your carbon footprint.

Destination Weddings Mean You Only Have To Travel Once And Can Be A Fun And More Sustainable Option

Destination weddings can be a great choice to reduce travel and have less impact on the environment. Having your wedding and honeymoon in one location minimizes the need for multiple flights.

This reduces carbon emissions and helps make your celebration more sustainable. Additionally, it can be a fun option for both you and your guests, creating a memorable experience that minimizes environmental harm.

You also get the chance to explore a new place with your loved ones, making lasting memories while reducing overall travel. Choosing a destination that aligns with sustainable practices allows you to support eco-friendly businesses and initiatives in another community.


In conclusion, making your second wedding environmentally friendly can be simple and impactful. Embracing sustainable materials, reducing waste, and choosing eco-friendly options benefits the environment and creates a meaningful celebration.

Have you considered incorporating vintage or second-hand items into your wedding decor? What steps will you take to prioritize sustainability when planning your special day? By taking these practical approaches, you can make a significant difference while celebrating love in an eco-conscious way.

Let's strive for weddings that create beautiful memories and contribute positively to our planet!

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