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Top men's lifestyle blogs covering topics including cars, drinks, fashion, men's health, and relationships

Men's Lifestyle blogging is an interesting space since it includes a huge diversity of content reflecting the modern expressions of masculinity in today's society. This includes conventional topics such as sex and women to fashion, cars, food, drinks, men's health, and even politics. As the notion of what defines a successful man changes in society, we are seeing an evolution of talented male bloggers and content creators that are seizing upon these opportunities to connect with brands that they feel their audience will enjoy learning more about as well.

Our Picks For The Top Men's Lifestyle Blogs and Influencers:

The following list of blogs is broken up into two parts with the first best fitting the definition of what a "blog" is. These are men who have created independent blogs that reflect their lifestyle and are mostly self-driven without corporate funding or staff. You can see the personality that comes through in their content and social media influencer channels because of this close relationship with the audience. As a result, none of the bloggers on our list of top male lifestyle blogs is ranked since each is unique and we enjoy reading and engaging with them on a regular basis.

Man Tripping

ManTripping is a men's lifestyle blog that focuses predominately on travel, as well as several other areas, including food and drink, gadgets, entertainment, sports, fashion, and fitness. One of the most prominent site sections is devoted to gift ideas to men for various events, including holidays, special occasions like weddings and trips.

Guys Gab

Guys Gab was created by men, for men. The site centers on male audiences' common interests, including cars, grooming, sports, tech, travel, entertainment, and women. Posts include informative articles, opinion pieces, and updates on male interests' biggest news and trends.

Unfinished Man

This was a blog started by a group of guy friends back in 2010 with a focus on male interests and masculinity. Unfinished Man offers advice on numerous topics, including dating, grooming and fashion. There are also sections with updates on news in entertainment, sports, and recommendations of food and drink items.

Guy and the Blog

This site's primary interest is in providing advice and wisdom on fatherhood. Guy and the Blog includes tips on raising kids, as well as recommendations for activities to do with them. Besides fatherhood, the site covers food and drink, fashion, tech and insight on working from home, with steps on how to begin the process.


PubClub is the go-to source for men who love to party and enjoy a lifestyle that revolves around music, drinks, travel, and advice for single men. They pride themselves on the tagline of "Where the World Goes to Party!". The blog involves information on the best nightclubs, bars, nightlife, and restaurants across Europe and North America. The different types of content are comprised of personal essays, informative articles, and even an advice column on dating.

The Gentlemen Racer

Nearly 20 years-old, The Gentlemen Racer discusses automotive subjects, including cars, trucks, and motorcycles. With product reviews, how-to's, and listicles, there is a variety of information available for car enthusiasts. The Gentlemen Racer also talks about travel and men's lifestyle with a focus on luxury and refined destinations, style, and living.

Joe's Daily

Joe's Daily posts daily articles on travel, food and drink, style, tech, cars, and entertainment. One specific part of the site offers news and informative articles on various companies' art & design, including throwbacks to companies' vintage advertisements of alcohol.

The Art of Manliness

This blog is not only about men's interests, but how a man can improve his life through pointers on character development, relationships, career progress, fashion style, and fitness. The Art of Manliness features weekly pieces give a philosophical look on these topics, and the blog also sells books with more specific focuses.


Mandatory centers on fun parts of the internet, including memes, funny news stories and hilarious pictures of the day. The site also looks at current events in politics, entertainment and news around the world with a light-hearted perspective.

The Good Men Project

The Good Men Project explores an abundance of topics that are often not discussed between males, including masculinity, gender, sexuality, relationships, parenthood and the general ethics of being a man. The site promotes itself as both an educational resource and a form of entertainment.

The Culture Curators

While The Culture Curators serve content for a national audience they also have a local focus on Central Florida and include men's lifestyle topics ranging from entertainment, food, drinks, tech, automotive, and men's fashion.


This men's lifestyle blog is all about consulting men in multiple facets of their life, including grooming, style, dating and fitness. IAmAlphaM features listicles on what to do and what to not do in these areas, with light-hearted instruction. In addition to the writing pieces are helpful videos on these matters.


Gunaxin is an online magazine located in the Northeastern United States. The magazine is split into seven different categories: sports, humor, media, motors, gadgets, grub, and travel. Each section has a collection of articles, listicles and personal essays on the subjects in an easy-to-read format.


StupidDope offers a younger, hipper, more urban perspective on men's lifestyle including travel, rides, music, skateboarding, and style.

Urban Daddy

Based out of New York City, Urban Daddy is host to various content across several different platforms, including email, mobile communication, and offline newsletters. The media company explores travel, culture, food, drink and tech in a user-friendly multi-media format.

The Aspiring Gentleman

This men's lifestyle blog from Miami, Florida, caters itself as being the 'older brother you never had,' advising on many subjects. The Aspiring Gentleman gives suggestions on improving business, finances, style, grooming, health and lifestyle in an encouraging way.

The Kentucky Gent

The Kentucky Gent is devoted to showing why men from the Southern United States have an undeniable style. The blog gives insight into the South's fashion, food and drink, lifestyle, culture and travel. There is a specific focus on Lousiville, Kentucky, and which events occur there.

Muscles and Tussles

Crafted by a men's style guru, this blog is dedicated to helping men discover their fashion and style while remaining comfortable with themselves. The Muscles and Tussles blog gives advice on clothing, grooming and overall fashion sense. There are also sections dedicated to travel, culture, food, and photography.


TMR Zoo an online entertainment magazine dedicated to the average male's interests, including beer, women, sports, entertainment and music. The site prides itself on its restriction-free content that goes in-depth into these topics.

More Men's Lifestyle Blogs We Love

There are some great men's lifestyle blogs out there today across a wide range of perspectives and niche audiences. While we featured the ones above as blogs that have an individual personality reflecting the man who runs the blog itself, there are some great sites out there that cover topics of interest to men that deserve to be included in our list but sit somewhere on the spectrum between "corporate media" like GQ, Men's Heath, and Ask Men but are still mostly independently run and operated - even if they aren't quite as personally engaging as the ones we included above in our list of top men's lifestyle blogs.

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