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Busch Light guitar DIY project

I know a lot of you guys already have your own guitar but many of you probably don't have one but love fun DIY projects. Now Busch Light has got our back with a cool project that you can probably do on your next camping trip with the guys. Just make sure to have some friends ready to help you empty those Busch Light beer cans since frankly the project will probably not turn out as good as it looks in the schematics below unless you are a bit sober.

Either way, it's a fun project and there's always a certain level of joy in creating something yourself!

This summer, Busch Light is asking fans to tackle a project that combines three of their favorite things: country music, a do-it-yourself attitude and cracking a few smooth and refreshing Busch Lights. The official beer sponsor of CMA Fest has developed a manual to help Busch Light drinkers turn their empty Busch Light cans into a handcrafted mini-acoustic guitar that really plays! 

Busch Light Guitar DIY Instructions 

With the help of legendary craftsman Logan Elliott, Busch Light has created a simple step-by-step guide to teach fans how to build their own acoustic guitar out of Busch Light cans at home. Anyone with a 30-pack of Busch Light and a toolbox can make their own guitar and pick along to their favorite country tunes all summer long.  

Beer can guitars stem from cigar box guitars, an inexpensive, DIY instrument popular in America since the 1800’s, according to the Journal of Design History. When actual instruments were too expensive or difficult to obtain, resourceful Americans used the materials around them to create these inspired designs. As a celebration of this history and the music played on these DIY instruments, fans can create their own Busch Light Guitar to pick along with their favorite country tunes as they share a cold case of Busch Light with friends this summer.   

Fans across the country can also enter for the chance to win a Busch Light Guitar signed by Busch Light country artist Jordan Davis by telling Busch light their favorite memory that involves Busch Light and country music using the hashtags #BuschCountry and #Contest between August 9th and 11th. 

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