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Top wine blogs for men


Wine is an interesting industry in that on one hand it is dominated by talented male winemakers and vineyard owners but when it comes to marketing, the industry pivots to focus on women, with men being targetted for beer and whiskey. We know that outside of the industry, many men enjoy drinking wine though so here are our picks for the top wine blogs that we enjoy reading.

Top Wine Blogs Written By Men

This list of course is not complete since while the following twenty wine blogs written by men do not include the numerous men's lifestyle, dad, and male travel bloggers that also enjoy celebrating wine and sharing what they discover with their audiences. Regardless though, we look forward to working with brands and winemakers to help continue to change the preconception of what wine is, and encourage more men to enjoy wine the way we do!


ManTripping is a men's lifestyle blog dedicated to several different areas of men's interests, including travel, cars, gear, entertainment, fashion, sports, food, and drinks. The wine section features informative articles, reviews,a nd interviews featuring of today's top wines, winemakers, and vineyards. They also offer gift ideas for men who love wine.

Alcohol Professor

The Alcohol Professor prides itself on being the go-to online site learning about all things alcohol. Catering to both seasoned and new drinkers alike, the site offers insight on how to pair wine with food, cook with different types of wines and which alcohol fits certain seasons or holidays. The site also discusses beer, spirits, and cocktails as well as drinking culture and lifestyle.

The Prince of Pinot

Centered purely on Pinot Noir, The Prince of Pinot is run in collaboration with wine enthusiast William Gaffney. The site is a bi-weekly, online newsletter devoted to Pinot Noir news, reviews, events, and interviews with other fellow enthusiasts. The site also updates readers with information on how Pinot Noir can benefit an individual's health.

Chewing the Fat

Predominately a food blog, Chewing the Fat has an abundance of recipes for appetizers, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts from just about every corner of the globe. The drink part of the site focuses on 'wine tours' in Portugal and France, with recommendations on wines from these countries.

Ken's Wine Guide

Ken's Wine Guide is an online collection of wine reviews by its founder and other fellow wine lovers. The site organizers collect reviews from other wine publications and compare them to their thoughts, giving the reader more than one perspective on the wines. The site additionally reviews wineries in the same manner.

Fermentation Wine Blog

Run by wine marketer and publicist Tom Wark, the Fermentation Wine Blog publishes articles on all topics linked to wine, including wine culture, news, media, and marketing. The online blog also discusses wine in relation to politics, current events, music and even golf.

Wine Terroirs

Wine Terroirs is hosted by a freelance photographer who posts about his experiences tasting wine and visiting wineries in different countries. The photographer captures shots of cities, wineries, and wines, writing about his encounters meeting the locals and their own opinions on wine. The online blog also has articles solely focused on travel and travel experiences.

Wine Country Getaways

Run by a wine-enthusiast couple, Wine Country Getaways is committed to reviewing the best wineries across wine country. The blog always suggests 'wine getaways,' or the best places to go to enjoy a break and drink some wine.

Texas Wine Lover

Texas Wine Lover started off by being an online blog solely dedicated to Texas wine and wineries. Over time, the site began to encompass non-Texas related wine and wine news, though a large portion of the site remains Texas-based.

Wine Curmudgeon

Wine Curmudgeon doesn't consist of ratings or in-depth articles about high-class wines. Instead, the website only has information on cheap wines, including guides on which to drink and which to avoid. There are also reviews and updates on cheap wines trends.

1 Wine Dude

1 Wine Dude is a comedic take on everything associated with wine. Here, readers can find wine reviews, in-depth articles on wine and wine tasting, updates on the latest in the wine industry, and books on the drink.

2 Hollywood Winos

This online blog posts wine reviews, articles on winery experiences, and interviews with other wine enthusiasts. The site also allows readers to send their own wines to be reviewed by the site owners and get featured. Moreover, since the founders are located in California, 2 Hollywood Winos often write about wine and its representation in Hollywood.

Jameson Fink

This website, created by wine retailer Jameson Fink, consists of personal essays by the founder on wine. Essays include reviews on wine, travel experiences with wine and ideas for wine pairing with various foods. Fink has also written for numerous other wine publications and links his previous work on this site.

Food Wine Click

Food Wine Click explores the relationship between food and wine, with its founder sharing food recipes and guidance on which wines would fit each meal well. Additionally, the blog has a special section dedicated to finding the best deals on some of the greatest wines for those on a certain budget.

Do the Daniel

Do the Daniel markets itself as writing about 'real content' by 'real people.' The team behind the site posts about numerous topics, including travel, lifestyle, health, and food and drink, as well as offering social media services. The drink part of the site gives input on which wines to purchase, how to make wine and the benefits of drinking the beverage.

WinePro Guy

Having started in 2009, WinePro Guy is an informative site crafted by a Wine Educator named Steve. His blog entries cover wine events and wine marketing, sharing insight into the wine industry as a whole.

Imbibers Journal

Originally titled 'Winethology,' Imbibers Journal is the work of a previous homebrewer of alcohol, who became a journalist specializing in wine, food and travel. The site mainly focuses on wine but also covers spirits. Included are reviews of wine and wineries, along with opinion pieces.


Winepal's specialty is the Southern Hemisphere's wine, including reviews on various red and white wines, though the site also discusses Canadian wine. In addition, the blog covers wine-related events that happen in Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

Canadian Wine Guy

Canadian Wine Guy markets itself as a simple website based on a simple idea: loving wine. The blog's entries include reviews and discussions on wines from over a dozen countries, as well as overviews on current wine industry news and trends.

New Hampshire Wine-man

This online blog looks at wine from New Hampshire. Here, readers will find reviews and informational posts on all types of wine from the state, including the good and the bad. New Hampshire Wine-man also features general travel articles and observations of New Hampshire and its relationship to wine.

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