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Transitioning from an apartment renter to a homeowner helping my father-in-law fix up his house has been a heck of an adventure. The experience has been good though and I've learned a lot about home maintenance. One crucial area is plumbing. Not just fixing broken pipes but understanding the limits of what can be fixed with clog removers and tape ... but developing a better understanding of what tasks truly need professional help. DIY home improvement is great, but we all have our limits on how handy we can actually be. Throughout this experience, I've discovered various ways to make a professional plumber's job easier, more efficient, and, ultimately, more cost-effective. Here's what I've learned about how to make a plumber's job easier so they can get things fixed fast and with a less expensive bill!



Basic DIY To Identify Common Plumbing Issues

While there are some plumbing tasks that are easier to DIY than others, I personally try to stay away from all but the easiest to fix. However, that doesn't mean that as the home owner you can't help to diagnose the plumbing problem before the professional gets there. This will save time and money as well as help the service provider do a better job.

Here are six of the most common plumbing issues and how you can help make the plumber's job easier.

Common Plumbing IssueDIY Possible?What Needs to Be DoneHow to Make the Plumber's Job Easier
Leaky faucet Yes Replace the washer or cartridge inside the faucet handle. Clear the area around the sink and have the model information ready.
Clogged drain Yes Use a plunger, plumber's snake, or a chemical drain cleaner. Avoid using the sink or fixture until the plumber arrives, and provide details on what was put down the drain.
Running toilet Yes Adjust or replace the flapper or the fill valve. Stop using the toilet if possible and inform the plumber about any previous repairs attempted.
Low water pressure Yes Clean aerators or replace showerheads; check for leaks in the system. Provide access to all fixtures to check for consistent low pressure issues throughout the home.
Leaking pipe under sink Maybe Tighten fittings or replace the section of pipe. Professional help may be needed for soldering or if pipes are corroded. Empty the cabinet under the sink and clean the area to provide clear access.
Sump pump failure No Check for power issues or blockages, replace or repair the unit. Professional assessment is often necessary. Ensure the area around the sump pump is clear and provide details of any sounds or behaviors noticed before the failure.

As with anything related to DIY home improvement, it is up to you, the homeowner, to assess whether you can handle a plumbing issue yourself or if you need to call a professional.

Here is what that process should look like ...

Start With Simple Troubleshooting Techniques

The first thing you can do builds on the table we shared above. Simple troubleshooting can help your plumber before he even gets there. This way plumbers can help you better understand the situation and suggest ways to prevent further damage from happening between the time you make your call and when they arive.

Clearing the Workspace

Next, you need to make sure they can do their job properly without having to spend time moving your stuff around to access the workspace.

Start by clearing the workspace and removing clutter and obstacles around the trouble area. Then, ensure the workspace is well-lit and provide a clear pathway leading to the workspace. This isn't only to create a more convenient environment for the plumber, but also to improve on efficiency and safety.

Providing Relevant Plumbing History

Provide your plumber with all relevant history of your home's plumbing system, begin by documenting previous plumbing issues. If you've tried DIY plumbing tasks already, share those experiences and whether they were successful or led to recurring problems. If you made things worse ... this is not time for your pride to get in the way. Make sure to share everything that your plumber or handyman needs to know so he can get his job done.

Your observations can aid in the accurate diagnosis and efficient resolution of problems.

Don't Make The Job More Difficult By Exceeding Your Abilities

Knowing how to fix things yourself is an excellent .. and indeed an essential skill. However, you can also make things harder for a pumber to fix if you exceed your skills and abilities while trying to help. For instance, you might think all you need to do is to grab a wrench and tighten that pipe, but if you over tighten a valve you could turn a leaking faucet into a broken one. 


To sum up, equipping yourself with basic plumbing knowledge can greatly ease your plumber's job. Practicing simple troubleshooting techniques, readying the work area, and sharing valuable plumbing history are all proactive steps that can save time and money. These efforts ensure a smoother and more efficient repair process. Remember, don't hesitate to call a professional when needed.

Your efforts can make a substantial difference in resolving your plumbing issues.

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