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first time car buyer what they need to consider

If you are looking to buy a new car, you are certainly not the only one. Indeed, today, the car market is in full bloom, and car manufacturers can barely keep up with the increasing demand. This increase is due to many factors, including the renewed need for people to move around independently, without relying on crowded - and, in the era of Covid-19, unsafe - public transportation. 

Whether you are thinking about buying a new vehicle for your daily commute or to enjoy safer holidays with your whole family, cars can be costly - especially as the skyrocketing demand has caused car prices to reach new highs. Because of the significant investment that comes with buying a new car, use the tips below to be sure that you are making the right choice!

Keep in Mind the Local Weather and Climate

Understanding the local weather and climate is essential when buying a car. Indeed, if you are living in an area that benefits from moderate, mild weather, any car allows you to travel in total safety. However, if you travel often through locations subjected to extreme weather conditions, you should consult an expert local dealer. 

For example, cold weather and freezing temperatures can affect the safety of your tires, negatively influence your fuel economy, and cause electric cars to run improperly. Make sure to have a car that is reliable throughout the year!

Understand Your Needs – Present and Future Ones!

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when buying a car is that they don’t focus on what their needs might be in the future. For now, you might be happy with a two-seater or a city car that allows you to be agile on your commute. 

However, if, for example, you are planning to welcome a new baby into your family, you should keep in mind how this will change your needs and lifestyle. In just a few months, you might need to use your car to haul your entire family during the holidays - and keep them all safe!

Weigh the Advantages of a Used Car

A new car does not have to be new to be the perfect one for you! Swapping your vehicle for a new one can represent a significant investment, and buying a used car can help you stay within your budget while getting all the comforts you need. 

At the same time, buying a used vehicle comes with its fair share of challenges, and if you are not an expert, you should consider consulting an expert dealer. If in doubt, you can learn more here.

Don’t Overlook The Benefits of Electric Vehicles

As drivers and households are becoming increasingly aware and conscious of the impact that driving a car can have on the environment, electric vehicles are becoming increasingly appealing. So, it isn’t surprising that the electric vehicles market reported a 40% year-on-year increase in 2020! 

Investing in an electric car might be something that you hadn’t thought of before - but it might be the right choice for you if you are looking for long-term investment and a drastic lifestyle change!

Understand Fuel Efficiency Standards

Whether you have opted to buy an electric vehicle or a standard one, you will need to understand its fuel efficiency standards. To understand if they fit your needs, you need to review your lifestyle. 

For example, if you have to cover many miles during the day, you will need a highly efficient car that can help you reduce your costs. Instead, if you use your vehicle mostly for your commute, you should look at lowering your emissions. Lastly, if you have to travel through off-road paths and difficult weather conditions, you might consider focusing on high torque and horsepower.   

Understand the Actual Cost of the Car

The car’s price differs from the cost of ownership, and you have to be mindful of both expenses when investing in a new car. The car’s price is easy to understand - and, thanks to negotiation, offers, discounts, and deals, you can try to lower it. 

However, the cost of ownership of a car is also important, and depends on:

  • Car maintenance and yearly checks
  • Fuel and fuel efficiency
  • Repairs
  • Insurance
  • Finance charges
  • Taxes and fees
  • Depreciation 

When buying a new car, some of the costs might be lower - such as repairs and maintenance - which might be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. However, in the case of used cars, some of the running costs are higher, while the car’s price is lower. Understanding what mix works better for you is the key to making the right purchase decision. 

Are the Financing Options Available?

It is important for the car you buy not to become a significant financial burden for you and your family. If you have found a car that fits within your budget, you might consider the benefits of paying a portion of it via a financing scheme or installments. In any case, you should ensure that these alternatives are available and accessible to you before committing to a purchase. 

What Comforts You Really Can’t Do Without?

Today’s cars come with an unlimited range of tech features, levels of customization, and comforts. These are all aimed to increase the safety of a car and enhance the driving experience. Nonetheless, some of these features can cause the cost of the car to skyrocket. And, if there are more parts and features present, the chances of something going wrong increase. In turn, this can drive the cost of maintenance and repairs up. 

Trust an Expert Dealership – But Complete Your Research in Advance

One of the best ways to make sure that you are making all the right choices when buying a car is to trust an expert dealer. However, you should also complete all of your research of models and manufacturers before visiting your local dealership. Indeed, if you are not an expert, it is easy to get lost among the different abbreviations and jargon! 

Instead, a quick Google search can help you pin down the models that might suit your needs, the fuel efficiency standards you are aiming for, and the features that you can’t do without during your journeys.

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