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When it comes to going to the gym you want to know that your workouts are worth it. You cannot improve in the gym by only going once a week. Life is going to create all the imbalances you could imagine, but that doesn't mean you have to step down your game. Your body is smart, and it can figure out that you are only going to the gym once a week, so you are not going to gain much muscle just doing that.


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  • You need to get mentally prepared for every workout you do and compete against yourself and others where you can. Throughout your workouts, you need to test yourself, and if you want to become a better and more agile athlete, then you need to look at The Performance Lab for more information. When you have long term goals and daily goals for every single workout, you are going to have better outcomes. Here are some of the best suggestions that you need to get better in the gym.
  • Do something every day. You don't have to be in the gym every day because as we said, life happens. Deadlifting, if it's something you are doing, is something you should try to do each day and you can do it at home. If you need to train certain skills, you need to make sure you are staying sharp and that means doing something every single day to keep that going. Consistent improvements only come with consistent training.
  • Hype yourself up. You are going to get so much more out of your workout and have much better outcomes when you hype yourself up. Getting yourself emotionally worked up for a workout is going to help you to feel mentally prepared when you step onto the weight room floor. Whether you do this with visualization of your end goals, insult yourself but don't do this, or you watch them training videos, do what you need to get yourself ready to go.
  • Stick with what you are good at. If you are bad at something, you are told to do more of it, but why should you? Sticking to your strengths and knowing what you are good at is going to help you to feel motivated to go to the gym. Whilst you don't need to rely on purely more motivation to get going, you do need to know what you are good at in the first place so that you can do it well from the get-go.
  • When you can, compete. One of the biggest reasons that many gym groups tend to be popular is because they compete against each other and with themselves. Endurance activities can breed a competitive community spirit, and it can also help with your thought process while you are working out. Whether you join a CrossFit class, or you choose to move forward and compete against yourself, you need to make sure that you are pushing yourself forward.
  • Keep testing yourself. Tests can always bring out the best in people, even if they cause a little bit of pressure along the way. Whether it's work capacity tests, sled Sprint series tests or cardio testing, making sure that you are evaluating yourself can tell you if you have what it takes to make the big leagues in the gym.
  • Pick a daily goal that works for you. Long term goals are excellent, but they can feel more like mountains. Instead of looking at the whole staircase, you want to go one step at a time. The smaller daily goals that you'd like to achieve in the gym or what's going to push you forward. You don't have to hit your personal best every time, but you should have an outcome in mind. For example, if you did weighted squats up to 50 last time, try for 60 this time. The goal doesn't have to be a lot, but it has to be more than what you are getting now.
  • Bring a plan with you. You can't just wing it when you go to the gym. It won't produce any of the benefits that you are looking for. Instead, you need to have a plan that keeps you focused and allows you to just look at the workout and not any of the sideshows that run around the gym. Whether you write it on a post-it or you write it on your phone, you need to look at how your workout is going to pan out and be prepared.


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