Cascade Helps Real Men Wash Dishes Influencer Campaign

Washing the dishes might not seem the most manly of activities but when you ask around, it’s clear that this duty is pretty common among men I know. I don’t know if that’s because it’s dirty and gross to handle dishes but it’s an important job that requires the right skills and tools to do it right. That’s why I’m partnering with Cascade at Walmart to talk about three of their products and how they can help keep your dishes looking like new and dishwasher performing to its optimum potential!

lucky tiger essential grooming kit

We're thrilled to be working together with the men's grooming company, Lucky Tiger on a bunch of different initiatives this year and today we've got a chance for you guys to win some free product! We want to hear your first shave stories, or those of you teaching your son how to shave for the first time. To kick things off, we've invited a few of our #MenWhoBlog members to share their stories but we want to hear yours as well!

englewood beach punta gorda florida

A couple years ago I visited Punta Gorda for a solo-trip with ManTripping and I fell in love with the destination. It has beaches, fishing, seafood, golf, great people and great food. Unlike other parts of Florida it has still maintained a solid sense of natural beauty without being over commercialized. Now we're headed back there with a group of amazing gentlemen to experience even more of what adventures await us there.

allison pr influencer marketing survey results

Allison PR is an agency that I have a lot of respect for and they represent a bunch of awesome accounts that I know many of you would love to work with. This includes: Toyota, Jansport, Moe's Southwest Grill and more. As a PR Agency they are sort of stuck in the middle (along with most of us honestly). How should brands work with Inflencers, what opportunities for providing value to we represent to their clients. This is a murky space but I - James from - was honored to be part of the survey that they just released. Let's take a look at some of their results ...

menwhoblog blog guys taking photos on uss iowa

We've organized many "Blogger Mancations" over the past five years and bloggers as well as brands continue to ask for more. Unfortunately, by nature the "Blogger Mancation" events are expensive for hosts to sponsor as well as work with us to organize. That often leads to them become limited to only the top tier of our network of male bloggers and influencers. That leaves many guys with smaller or more niche audiences out in the cold despite their talent and enthusiasm waiting to be shared. By introducing WAR ROOM events like this one in San Pedro (Los Angeles), California, we'll be able to engage more men at a variety of audience sizes and stages of influencer development.

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