The much maligned minivan seems to be having a bit of a transformative resurgence today and we're excited to talk about the things we love --- as well as hate --- about minivans including the Chrysler Pacifica. Join us in the conversation along with special guest Brian Swanson, Chief Engineer for Pacifica and some of our favorite blogger and influencer friends.

Sonoma, California is one of those unique places in the world that is still unspoiled despite being one of the world's best producers of premium goods such as wine, cheese, beer, and spirits. While some wine and food destinations have become jaded and uncomfortable, Sonoma's artisans, farmers, winemakers, brewers, distillers, and chefs are still in touch with the land and the spirit of producing things because they simply love doing what they do. This month is Sonoma Wine Month and so we're working with the folks at Sonoma County Vintners to celebrate by bringing together some of Sonoma's top winemakers with a virtual tasting featuring some of our favorite #MenWhoBlog members.

We men often have a hard time establishing strong bonds with other men unless we've gone to war - figuratively or litterally - with other men. These type of traumatic experiences tend to catalyse the male gender and force us to come together since our lives quite literally depend on working together and force us to put aside rivalries, prejudices, and other barriers that we are burdened with on a daily basis. While men can be drinking buddies, occasionally hang out and talk over the phone when it’s necessary, few of us ever take time to cultivate meaningful relationships with their peers.

As we get older, the realities of having to support our parents due to failing health are something many people face.

An illness or accident that leaves you with a sudden disability can be shocking, but the faster you accept and make the required adjustments, the easier the process. Most men love being self-sufficient and independent, and a disability threatens that. Let therapists help you make the adjustments as you face the reality of what you can or can't do on your own. The good thing is, you can still live a fulfilling life as long as you are ready to work hard to make the adjustments.  How do you deal with the sudden disability?

Business casual is a dress style for men that almost seems like a trap. On one side, it seems like shorts and a tee shirt are ok at one end of the spectrum while being just a jacket short of a full suit seems to also be what's expected at the other. The reality is business casual represents something different for each workplace but there are some rules that are generally applicable no matter where you work.

It’s always nice when you have a close family, but that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, you won’t naturally be close. You may find that you have to work a little harder to make sure that your family is close. But that’s okay. It’s like any relationship – you sometimes have to put that little bit more work in. You may also find that this becomes something really positive in your relationship. Because really, it’s nice to be able to think about how you can become stronger, do more things together, and just generally be happy and enjoy life. But what does that look like in reality?

Buying a new car is a big responsibility and it is something that shouldn't be taken lightly. Despite dealerships making it sound as trivial as stopping to pick up groceries or buying a TV, the reality is you are not just buying something that you will be intimately connected with for years into the future. Luckily though, this task doesn't have to be that challenging if you are prepared.

Of all the conditions that we could be affected by, hearing loss is usually something that we never realize until it’s too late. Hearing loss happens gradually, meaning the changes are so small that we don’t even notice it. Unfortunately, when we do realize that our hearing is damaged, it’s already too late and there’s no going back. Our only option from this point is to consider wearing hearing aids.

Your relationship is not perfect. Don’t worry though because nobody has one, even if it seems that way on the outside. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship, no matter what you believe. They are all going to have fights, they are all going to have problems but what matters most is the fact that you want to be together, and that you are willing to work through the issues that you have. In this article, we’re going to be looking at some of the tough points that we all face in relationships eventually, so keep reading if you would like to find out more. 

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