orange chicken instant pot

There are a lot of great kitchen gadgets out there, but the Instant Pot is one of our favorite items ever. While we all enjoy eating delicious food, the cooking and cleaning part tends to be a real bummer. However with Instant Pot, we and other guys around the world have been able to create some awesome recipes ranging from ribs to curry to orange chicken. These are healthy, man meals that can cook in minutes vs hours and often times all in one pot instead of having a stack of pans waiting for you to clean.

ca global ivation dashcam

We're back from CES along with our friends at and and like always it was a whirlwind of activity. We saw amazing Smart Home Innovations, Drones, VR, and everything across the spectrum that will make your lives easier and more enjoyable in 2017. Now we want to share some of our favorite products and trends with you during this Twitter Party sponsored by C+A Global, an innovative company that's bringing some great product with innovative features at great prices that everyone can afford.

halloween zombie

Halloween is coming up quick but there's still time to get ready! One of our favorite places any time of the year is Goodwill stores since it's a great place to get used (and sometimes brand new) items that you can make into the ultimate Halloween costume. Even better is that money spent at Goodwill stores helps fund their programs and services to help people find jobs, earn paychecks and care fo their families. It's a win-win for everyone in the community!

large block advisors

It's almost the end of "Tax Season", so we're going to be celebrating a bit and sharing tips, tricks, and advice to make things even easier next year. We'll be joined by the folks from @BlockAdvisors to share some of their professional advice as well as how they can help small business owners be more prepared to face financial challenges not just every spring - but throughout the year.

Block Advisors is more than just a "one and done" tax service and they believe in establishing a dependable relationship with their clients to provide advice all year round for those of us who are self-employed. This of course includes tax preparation advice but also other aspects of your financial security that connect to taxes including payroll help, and support to ensure your identity is safe as well.

Plus, we'll be giving away $50 dollar gift cards about every 20 minutes so make sure you are registered for a chance to win!


April 12 at 11 am ET / 8 am PT


This Twitter Party is hosted by #MenWhoBlog who will be giving away 2 $50 Gift Cards about every 20 minutes!

How To Enter for a Chance to Win:

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Please click here to see official rules.


How to Participate in the Twitter Party:

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cx 5 joshua trees

Earlier this month, 10 bloggers embarked on a once in a lifetime adventure sponsored by Mazda. We camped inside of Joshua Tree National Park in California, explored desert roads, created some amazing photography, viewed the craters on the moon and cooked up some delicious campfire recipes. National Parks are one of our country's amazing treasures and for the most part they are designed to be explored by car. Now we want to have a conversation with you and share some of our stories as well as talk about where you are hoping to go this year.

Road trips are an opportunity to explore this amazing country. It's more than just a way to get somewhere but rather an opportunity to see and experience things you simply can't when you only fly over them. Next week, we're headed into the California desert with 10 bloggers for a once in a lifetime opportunity to camp in Joshua Tree National Park, explore Historic RT 66, share stories around a campfire and see, do, eat, drink, and experience things you can't imagine unless you were there with us.

This is something that you can do with your family too. With summer almost here, it's time to start planning your next road trip and we're going to share some tips on how to make those trips epic!


Join #MenWhoBlog, along with special guest blogers as we talk about our favorite road trips and share excitement for our upcoming adventure exploring the California Desert.



Thursday from 6 pm ET / 9 pm PT.


How to Participate in the Twitter Party:

1) Monitor the official Twitter Party Hashtag, #DrivingMatters

2) Follow @MenWhoBlog for questions that will be presented as "Q1: Where would you love to go on your next road trip? #DrivingMatters" 

3) ReTweet questions and your favorite comments by others participating in the party via the #DrivingMatters

4) Answer questions by responding in this format making sure to include the hashtag #DrivingMatters, "A1: I'd love to go to the beach! #DrivingMatters"

5) Make some new friends, ask questions, and most importantly - have fun!


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Join me for the @MazdaUSA #DrivingMatters #TwitterParty 3/31 at 9pm ET, talking about Exploring National Parks!



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