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ways to stay fit while stuck at home during quarantine

Our everyday lives have changed, and they virtually changed in the blink of an eye. We were so comfortable in our routines, especially those of us who enjoyed regular fitness. A good workout will always clear the mind while helping you stay fit.

But, what do you do when the gyms are shut down and you're stuck at home? How can you stay fit when you can't go anywhere? Well, we've come up with six things you can do to not only help you feel better emotionally, but they're also super ways to stay fit while you're stuck at home.

Stretch it Out

Being stuck at home is a challenge. It is very easy to get stuck in a negative mindset. While it might be enjoyable to binge on your favorite TV show, or sit around with a delightful book, to stay fit you must adjust that unhealthy mindset.

Set an alarm if you need to, but make sure you get up no less than every 30 minutes. You can pick one of the activities we list below, or you can simply stretch. Stretching burns a few calories, plus it's good for your body and your mind. Stretch to stay fit while you're stuck at home.

In most cases, exercising became part of people's routine when COVID-19 struck because they had to find means to use their time productively. Being out of a fitness routine for a long time can pose foreseeable challenges for you, such as body soreness, cramps, and exhaustion. 

Should you worry when you experience these symptoms? Absolutely not! All you need is to keep exercising until the soreness goes away. Most of the soreness is your body adjusting to new movements and strains from exercising.

For body soreness that doesn't go away after a few days, you'll need a pain ease massager. This tool is the best to alleviate muscle pain that might arise from lifting and most floor exercises. 

A massager works by keeping your muscles relaxed and applying pressure to problematic areas. Additionally, you don't need to be in any specific position to use it; you can use it while standing or sitting to boot. Go ahead and get yourself the massager so you can get on with marinating a healthy lifestyle for you and your partner.

Get Your Groove On With Your Partner

When we're stuck at home, it helps to be inventive with the ways stay fit. Most agree that dancing improves your health and is an outstanding calorie burner. However, it can be a welcome diversion from sitting around the house, embroiled in boredom. Grab your significant other or your kids and get your groove on! Not only is sex or foreplay a great way to reduce stress and build intimacy but it is also a good way to burn calories. Ok so the actual act of having sex really isn't that good compared to lifting weights or running but roughly 100 calories per hour is still something!

The real fitness benefit comes from other romantic activities with your partner such as dancing where you can burn between 150-220 for slower-paced dancing, while more energetic dancing can burn more than 300 calories per hour.

Sing Loud and Sing Proud

Staying in the music category of ways to stay fit while you're stuck at home, you may be surprised at the calorie-burning capabilities of some good old-fashioned warbling. If you don't already exercise your vocal cords in the shower, now's a good time to start.

However, you can also add an hour of enjoyable and often amusing family time. Singing burns upwards of 100 calories. You don't even need to have an operatic voice. Just sing as close to on-key as you can and enjoy the emotions, plus burn off some unwanted calories.

 yard work can help burn calories and strengthen muscles

Cleaning Up and Doing Chores Burns Calories

Okay, we're stuck at home. Conventional wisdom would suggest we might as well keep our space extra clean since we're there longer than normal. By kicking in some of those obsessive cleaning ambitions, you can also dramatically improve your fitness.

In addition, you can add a little fun to this project as well. Throw in a deep-knee lunge between swipes with the sweeper. Step back from the kitchen sink and march in place for a few seconds while doing the dishes.

We burn an average of 200 calories per hour doing normal house cleaning jobs and raking leaves can burn up to 450 calories per hour!

You can ramp-up your calorie burn by adding some inventive housecleaning tweaks as well. For instance, instead of merely raking casually, try doing it as a series of reps like you would do at the gym. Likewise, maybe practice lifting those leaf bags like weights instead of a chore that just needs to be done as quickly as possible.

Step-in-Time While Watching TV

It was a fun skit from a classic movie. However, when you're stuck at home, adding activities that ramp up your heart rate is key to staying fit. A few chimney sweeps add some amusement to the act.

However, just standing in place and marching is an excellent way to burn a few calories. Do a little step-in-time to shake off the doldrums, plus burn off some unwanted calories.

Don't Resist the Resistance

The last tip to help you maintain your fitness while you're stuck at home will actually improve your overall physical fitness. You can order a resistance band online. There are dozens of tension strengths and designs. One simple strap design is the best place to begin.

This is like a giant rubber band. There are hundreds of simple resistance band exercises you can do in the convenience of your home. Resistance bands can gradually build muscle. Even moderate increases in your muscle mass will burn more calories even when you're resting.

You can block off a set time to do a full resistance band workout. Resistance bands are also a convenient way to incorporate dynamic stretching into your routine. Bands are a tremendous way to increase your fitness, and they are so simple. Don't resist the resistance.

Being stuck at home is challenging enough without having to worry about depreciating health and fitness issues. You don't have to let this happen. These are just six ways to help you stay fit while you're stuck at home. Use your imagination, and you'll probably come up with even more.

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