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how to get rid of dad bod - take a hike with the kids

If you're like most men, you probably don't love your dad bod. You might not hate it, but you know that you could look and feel a lot better if you got rid of it. The good news is that getting rid of your dad bod doesn't require any crazy fad diets or extreme workout plans. In this blog post, we will discuss five simple ways that you can get started on your journey to a better body today!

Are you getting a little tired of not being able to see your toes thanks to your ever-growing dad bod? Don’t worry, you’re not alone - many men across the world pile on the pounds when they become fathers, yet it’s a topic that is rarely discussed. Fortunately you don’t need to suffer low confidence levels and poor health due to your dad bod for much longer, as this guide contains some of the most effective sustainable weight loss tips that you can make the most of to drop a few pounds (and keep them off). So, if you’re interested in finding out more so that you can once again get a glimpse of your elusive toes, then simply read on! 

What Exactly Is A Dad Bod?

A dad bod is a male body type that is generally characterized by a little bit of extra weight around the stomach area, as well as some love handles. It’s not usually anything too extreme, but it can be enough to make you feel self-conscious about your appearance.

The term ‘dad bod’ was first coined back in 2015 by Clemson University sophomore, Mackenzie Pearson, who wrote an article for The Odyssey Online discussing how society seems to prefer the look of a man who is comfortable and relaxed, rather than someone with chiseled abs and zero percent body fat. In her article, Pearson described the dad bod as follows: 

"The dad bod says, 'I go to the gym occasionally, I still enjoy a good pint, and I am comfortable in my own skin.'"

Since Pearson’s article was published, the term ‘dad bod’ has become increasingly popular, with many men across the world self-identifying as having one. In 2021, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary even made dad bod an official part of the English language with the definition of the term as follows:

" physique regarded as typical of an average father especially one that is slightly overweight and not extremely muscular"


Benefits Of Getting Rid of Your "Dad Bod"

while some people might think that having a dad bod is nothing to be ashamed of, the truth is that carrying around extra weight can have a serious impact on your health. In fact, according to research carried out by Harvard University, being overweight or obese increases your risk of developing 13 different types of cancer. So, if you’re carrying a few extra pounds and you want to improve your health (as well as your appearance), then it’s time to start thinking about losing weight.

The first and most obvious benefit of getting rid of your dad bod is that you will improve your physical appearance. This can do wonders for your self-confidence, which in turn can lead to a better quality of life. Furthermore, by achieving a healthier weight, you will also be lowering your risk of developing obesity-related health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

So now that we’ve established some of the key benefits associated with losing weight and toning up, let’s take a look at how you can go about doing it…


Drink More - Water

If you want to lose weight, then one of the best things you can do is to make sure that you’re properly hydrated. Drinking plenty of water has a plethora of health benefits, including helping to boost your metabolism, which in turn can aid in weight loss. What’s more, drinking water can also help to reduce your appetite, meaning that you’re less likely to snack on unhealthy foods throughout the day.

The general rule of thumb is that you should aim to drink eight glasses of water per day, but if you want to optimize your weight loss efforts, then you should try and drink even more than this. If plain water doesn’t appeal to you, then there are plenty of other options available, such as sparkling water, herbal tea, and fruit-infused water.



Eating Better Improves All Aspects Of Your Dad Bod, Mind, Personality

If you want to lose weight, then you need to start paying closer attention to the food that you’re eating. This doesn’t mean that you need to go on a restrictive diet – instead, focus on making small changes that will result in big benefits in the long run. As they say ... work smarter not harder!

Make Room For Breakfast And Healthy Snacks

It’s also important to make sure that you’re eating regular meals throughout the day, as this will help to regulate your metabolism and keep your hunger levels in check. When it comes to weight loss, it’s often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – so make sure that you’re starting your day off right with a nutritious and filling meal.

Make Healthy Food Tasty 

Sitting down to a garden salad made out of nothing but green leaves is no doubt going to be one of the worst meals of your life, yet this is often the go-to meal for new dieters who are attempting to drop some excess weight. Thankfully you don’t need to forage around your backyard for random greenery when you’re looking to reduce your waistline, as it’s more than possible to enjoy deliciously tasty meals that are surprisingly nutritious. Gone are the days of tasteless gritty porridge and low-calorie alternative snacks that seem flavor-free, as you can experiment with so many healthy wholefoods that pack a real punch in the flavor department. Finding food that’s both healthy and delicious can make the process of losing weight so much easier, and you’ll stand a much better chance of keeping the weight off if you can enjoy the food and make a real lifestyle change rather than having to force yourself to chew through each mouthful. Examples of nutritious but delicious meals can include hearty and warming chili packed full of beans or even pan-seared scallops with summer corn medley for a more refreshing summer dish! 

Focus On Foods With Important Vitamins and Nutrients

In addition to making sure that your meals are both healthy and delicious, it’s also important to focus on foods that are packed full of the nutrients and vitamins that your body needs in order to function properly. While it might be tempting to load up on sugary snacks and empty calories, these types of foods will only end up doing more harm than good in the long run.

Some of the best foods to include in your diet if you’re looking to lose weight are leafy green vegetables, lean protein sources, and fruits and berries. These types of foods are not only packed full of the nutrients that your body needs, but they’re also low in calories, meaning that you can eat more without having to worry about packing on the pounds.


Create A More Active Lifestyle - Not Just A Fitness Regimen

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, then you need to create a more active lifestyle for yourself, rather than just following a fitness regimen. This means making small changes to your everyday routine that will result in you moving around more and burning more calories.

Simple Changes Add Up Fast

One of the best ways to do this include taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking or biking to work instead of driving, and even standing up while working at your desk. These are all small changes that can make a big difference in your overall health, and they’ll also help to boost your metabolism and promote weight loss.

Add Exercise To Your Daily Schedule 

Working out once a fortnight is certainly not going to have a noticeable impact on your dad bod, especially if you’re not cutting down on calories as you should be. In order for exercise to have any effect you need to take part daily, but fortunately, this doesn’t mean that you have to hit the gym for hours each week! Exercise can include any kind of physical activity, whether this means cycling to work, taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking your dog, mowing the lawn, washing your car, or any other task that requires a little work. As long as you can take the opportunity to move your body for at least 60 minutes a day, then you’ll be set in the direction of success when it comes to achieving a healthier, slimmer you. It can be a good idea to get your kids involved in your exercise to make the process more enjoyable and to help them stay fit too, so why not go swimming together, or have a stroll to the park to spend the afternoon playing?


Keep Yourself In The Game Mentally

There will be times where it will be easier to just grab a beer and slurp down that chili dog but you need to keep yourself in the game mentally. That means both focusing on why you are trying to lose that dad bod as well as the fact that it is ok to relax and enjoy life sometimes.

Mental health is ultimately an important key to succeeding here and we want to avoid focusing so intently on losing weight and looking great that we slip into disorders such as body dysmorphia.


Create a Healthy Expectation Of What Your Non Dad Bod Looks Like

Finally, in order to lose your dad bod for good, you need to have a healthy expectation of what your non-dad bod looks like. This means setting realistic goals and understanding that it takes time and effort to achieve results. It’s important to avoid comparing yourself to others, as everyone is different and will lose weight at their own pace. Remember that the goal is to be healthy and happy in your own skin, not to meet someone else’s standards.

If you can keep these five things in mind, then you’ll be well on your way to losing your dad bod for good! Just remember to focus on healthy eating habits, getting plenty of exercise, and staying mentally strong throughout the process. And most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the journey!

By following these tips, you will be able to lose your dad bod and get on track to a healthier lifestyle. Just remember that it takes time and effort to see results, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t see a change overnight. Stay focused on your goals, and before you know it, you’ll be rocking that beach body in no time!

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