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Riding bikes together is a great family fitness activity.

Once you start a family, it’s easy to get into bad habits. Kids take up such a lot of time, you might find yourself working out less and eating more. Over time, this initial way of coping with a new addition to the family can soon deteriorate into a really unhealthy lifestyle that not only affects your health but the quality of life too. 

So with people moving less and eating more, obesity levels are at their highest ever. But it’s never too late to get your family fit and healthy. Here are some ways to incorporate activity and healthy eating into your family life. 

Get outside 

Playing in the garden, walking, cycling, or anything else that gets you moving about. Being outside has lots of other benefits too, like topping up your Vitamin D levels and improving your mood. 

Join a Gym

If your kids are a bit older, you could even try joining a gym or health club together. If you aren't sure if this is a good idea for your family, many gyms offer limited trials. For instance, the Mountainside Fitness 5-Day Pass will let you try a few things together before you become a regular member. 

Turn Chores Into A Game

No one likes doing chores, but they are part of life. Why not turn it into a competition where the family has to complete a series of tasks as fast as possible? Not only will you burn off some energy, but you’ll have a tidy home too, which is a bonus. 

Cook Together 

Too many take-outs and unhealthy foods can be disastrous for health. Instead of reaching for something quick and unhealthy, find some simple, healthy recipes you can cook together. You don’t have to stick to salads of things you don’t like, you could always find healthier versions of your favorites. You’ll also get to spend that special time cooking with the kids, which is great for family time. 

Remember To Dance And Play

Young kids seem to have endless amounts of energy to play, especially when they are very young. Why not get involved and have a disco in your lounge where everyone gets to pick a song to dance to. You’ll be surprised how quickly you tire out. 

Make A Game Out Of Things

If you know you’re going to be crashing out in front of the TV or playing computer games for a period of time, set a rule that you have to do some kind of physical activity beforehand. Maybe your kids have to run around the block three times before they get their games to console for a few hours or you have to have completed your 10,000 steps before you start that Netflix binge-watch. Keep each other accountable. 

Model Good Behavior

It’s all well and good to tell your kids they have to eat healthily and exercise more. But if you’re not doing the same, you’re not setting a good example, and kids are good at noticing this kind of parenting trick. By showing your kids that you are responsible for your health too, they’ll see it as normal behavior, not a chore or a punishment.

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