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proper mask fit tips

It's important to make sure you and your children are wearing masks properly in order to help prevent the spread of covid. In this blog post, we'll give you some tips on how to ensure a proper mask fit for your child. Follow these simple steps and you'll be helping to keep yourself and your loved ones safe!

While we all became familiar with terms like N-95 and surgical masks during the pandemic, they are also an essential way to prevent the spread of other airborne elements too. That's why this reminder is so important.

While for most of us, getting sick is no longer a matter of being hospitalized, being sick from covid or even common colds are often easily preventable by wearing masks in crowded areas. This is a pattern we see commonly in densely populated parts of Asia and it should become standard here in the United States as well.

Masks Can Protect Others From Infection

It's vital to understand that masks are essential during this pandemic and should be worn to protect others and yourself from infection. This is especially true as the new variant is beginning to wreak havoc on the world. Masks are one of the only defenses we have against certain contagions and many people have worn them before the pandemic even started. However, it's important that they fit properly on your children because it can be tricky since they're smaller.


Make Sure It Covers Both The Nose And The Mouth

It's imperative that the mask isn't too big or it might cover too much of the face and be very uncomfortable and ineffective. It should be covering the nose and the mouth effectively so that both are secure within the mask. Certain outdoor sports might not call for the use of a mask, but indoor it's recommended that both sources of breathing are covered. This can help to prevent the spread of Covid 19 and also help reduce the possibility of infection. Is it entirely reliably? The answer is an unfortunate no, but it's better than nothing because they can indeed reduce the transmission possibility. Masks are an excellent idea, but if you leave your nose or mouth uncovered it defeats the purpose. Encourage your child to always keep both covered throughout daily activities.


Should Fit Snug Beneath The Chin

One of the most common problems with adult masks is that they tend to leave some space beneath the chin. If you're having problems properly fitting a particular mask for your child then it's possible that their face is simply too small. Equally, if you have a child that has a larger chin then you may need to get a more suitable mask. Our anatomy is different from person to person and it's important to assess the mask once it's on their face to see if it is fitting snugly beneath the chin. This reduces the overall possibility of infection and keeps them secure throughout the day. It's very important that you monitor their mask daily because daily activities can stretch some materials. It can become worn after a while which is a cause for replacement.


Get A Mask With An Adjustable Ear Loop

Obtaining a mask with flexible ear loop adjustment is something your child will thank you for. We all have different ears and sometimes the standard loop just doesn't cut it. They can potentially slip off in the most critical situations. For instance, let's say your kid is playing basketball with their mask, but the ear loops were too loose. The mask could fall off in the middle of a very important play and then they could come in contact with a cough or mist of the virus in the air during that moment. It's important that the mask is secure on the ears and this can be remedied through the use of adjustable ear loops that form a tighter perimeter around the ears. It helps to fasten the mask to your kid's face and that's exactly what you want!


Utilize A Comfortable Material

It's important that your child is comfortable, and there can be some complications when mask shopping. The first thing to take note of is the potential allergies that can occur. Before sending them off to school with a mask, you should be testing it around the house for a couple of hours first. This will ensure that they are satisfied and don't experience any itchiness or breakouts. There are different materials such as cloth or more breathable types. You can gain access to masks that are specifically meant to block the transmission of viruses which is your best bet. These are usually made of cloth but you can find other materials on the market. Consider doing a mask testing session with different options and always let them express themselves creatively with different designs so it feels less like a mandatory face prison.


Check For Any Loose Sides

There might be some loose ends that need adjusting on your child's mask and there's no need to panic if you see some space. There should be a little bit so they can breathe, but it shouldn't be a noticeable gap where you can still see a part of their face. Use your fingers to feel how large the gap is and determine if they need to switch sizes. In this case, it's usually because the mask is either too big or simply stretched out from continued usage. If there is too much space in the mask then this can mean the mask isn't doing its job properly. This is disappointing because they already have to wear the mask in the first place. Better it be done right the first time than to realize later on that it wasn't aiding their wellness. It's important to assess all areas of the mask to ensure that things are tight and secure overall. There are certain breathable options on the market you can consider which can help to encourage clearer thinking throughout the day.


Consider A Mask That Forms To The Nose

Certain masks tend to have a nice metal strip on the nose which helps to keep things secure and results in a better fitting. Consider these options if your child has trouble keeping their nose concealed in a mask. Each day comes with new challenges and it's easy for a mask slip in gym class and other more vigorous activities where the body is moving more. Using a mask with certain enhancements can help to glue it to the face more so that it fits their individual shape. All of these are incredibly viable tips to make sure your child's face mask is effective and fitting properly!

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