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tips on how to relax like reading a book and drinking tea

Nothing is better than getting home at the end of a long stressful day, yet even when you’re at home, you might find it hard to switch off and unwind. After all, there is still plenty to do, from cooking dinner to laundry or exercising and cleaning. But finding time to relax is just as crucial as other household duties. It can help you get to sleep and feel rested for the next day. So how can men wind down? 


Journaling has been a fantastic way to wind down for years, and men are increasingly using it to help them process their day, organize their thoughts on a page, and enjoy the mental health benefits it offers. 

Experts highlight that writing about your day can help you process your thoughts and feelings differently than letting them swim around in your mind. It can work like venting to a friend without feeling you’re burdening them with your problems. If nothing else, you have a record of every day that you can look back on years down the line. 


Meditation is another technique that has seen an uptick in usage recently. Services like Calm or Headspace are two of the most popular services that offer guided meditation sessions. 

You don’t need to achieve enlightenment, either. Just fifteen minutes per day is ideal for unwinding as you will pay closer attention to your breathing and posture while letting your mind switch off. This approach benefits your mental well-being and can help you find zen to alleviate stress and other issues. 


Everyone should have a self-care routine. It lets you focus on yourself and only yourself for a change. While this is not always possible, especially in a busy household, finding time for self-care can be hugely beneficial to help you wind down. 

Try self-care aromatherapy that uses essential oils and fragrances to focus on relaxing. Other self-care ideas can include a skincare routine or simply taking a long soak in the bath without your phone. 

Get Off Social Media 

Speaking of your phone, many people spend their evenings scrolling endlessly through social media. While you might come across a funny or relatable meme, it can also impact your mental well-being, episodically if your algorithm only shows accounts that are bad for you. 

If you still want to use your phone or take a break from endless scrolling, games like Solitaire can help. It still engages your mind and gives you a dopamine boost when you complete the game. 


Instead of playing on your phone, reading before bed is an excellent chance to expose yourself to new ideas and catch up with some of history’s greatest authors. Start with something you know you’ll like and then explore which other books to read to expand your horizons. 

Reading is more effective than scrolling through your phone as you're not exposed to blue light and you can find a natural place to stop, such as at the end of a chapter. 

Winding Down 

Winding down is a fantastic way to center your thoughts, process your day, and replenish your mental energy. Everyone is different but these tips can help you find suitable ways to unwind after a hectic day or week.

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