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Top Things Men Over 50 Should Know About Their Health

Top health concerns for men over 50

Health focus is often geared towards women and how they can live their best years, even in old age. Luckily for you, this article will concentrate on the male gender and how going beyond age fifty increases some health risks. For example, in America, one in four males is likely to develop osteoporosis from fifty years and beyond. Staying healthy is not just being free from diseases; it also includes excellent mental health boosted by an active social life. Do you know what risks you are exposed to as a middle-aged man? Read further to find out.

A Higher Risk Of Prostate Issues

Usually, you are prone to early prostate issues in your forties, but the effect is more pronounced upon hitting fifty and above. The prostate gland naturally expands as men get older; Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) is common in over 40% of men and is usually asymptomatic. However, the problem arises when it grows faster than usual and with cancerous cells.

If you’re diagnosed with a BPH, you will be required to visit the hospital frequently to check on it. Failure to do so, coupled with non-treatment of the diagnosis, can progress further down into your excretory system. The bladder becomes the first point of attack, which explains why more men are treated for blocked (and sometimes painful) urination.

In extreme cases, untreated BPH can cause erectile dysfunction. In America, more men diagnosed with erectile dysfunction are more prone to mental issues. The stress of being unable to ‘function’ as a man gradually takes a toll on mental wellbeing. Therefore, it is recommended to test twice a year to detect any changes. Better sooner than to deal with a prostate condition that gets out of hand.

Increased Risk of Heart Disease

In a report by the National Institute of Health, surveys conducted over ten years showed that aging causes some changes in the blood vessels and heart. In most cases, these changes are a result of an accumulation of fat on the artery walls. For inexplicable reasons, fatty deposits on a man’s heart tend to be slightly higher than females. It is advisable to eat healthily to avoid going over the edge with heart-related health conditions, it is advisable to eat healthily. In addition to this, a drastic change from non-beneficial lifestyles such as alcohol bingeing would be helpful.

For example, according to the CDC, continued alcohol use creates a sustained increase in blood pressure. For men, it increases the risks of several cancers, including throat and mouth. Therefore, it helps to contact an alcohol addiction therapist if you find yourself going overboard with liquors.


Be Mindful of Bone Health

Bone health has been seen as an older woman’s issue for years, but continuous medical research has proven that it is a significant concern for men over 50 years. For this reason, osteoporosis experts usually recommend that men in this age group who suffer fractures should consider a bone density test too.

To keep Vitamin D levels up in your body, your physician will recommend daily supplements to boost your system. Furthermore, it would help if you considered getting at least twenty minutes’ daily exposure to the sun. Do not forget to use your SPF sunscreen to protect you against harmful UV rays. Those are not for women only.

As a middle-aged man, you can still live your best life if you take better care of yourself. An active social life, daily exercising, cutting out (or drastically reducing) your alcohol consumption, etc., are great ways to ensure better wellbeing. Avoid leaving such vital matters to chance.

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