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north pole paradise

Your garden is a prime space for creating a winter wonderland. Even if we don’t get a White Christmas this year, you can still move some of your decorations outside and turn the back yard into a festive place to be. Think about it - lights in the trees, mini snowman littering the lawn, and some cozy outdoors furniture to sip a cup of hot cocoa in; it’s total paradise. And if the idea interests you, here are our tips for putting this Christmas scene into action; you’ve got the DIY skills, and let’s face it, there are plenty of baubles left over from decorating the tree! 


Wrap Any Furniture

Have you already got some furniture outside? Then it’s time to wrap them in lights, tinsel, and any other festive materials you feel would look good and festive. Furniture can be a great focal point, especially if you don’t have any large plants to make use of, so apply this idea liberally. 

You can also place furniture in strategic areas you want to draw attention to. Maybe you’ve got a Christmas plant bed on one side of the garden? Draw the eye there by placing a wrapped set of patio table and chairs neatly nearby. Or if you want people to focus on the shed at the back of the garden, as you’ve turned it into Santa’s Grotto, wrap the entire structure in festive decorations instead. 


String Up Some Lights

Lights are the main attraction for your back yard winter wonderland. The illumination is always the first thing we think about when it comes to our perception of Christmas, and we can create some amazing scenes with nothing more than a box of string lights. 

So why not apply the same principle to your own yard and garden? Whether you’ve got some outdoor sockets or not, you can invest heavily in outdoor lighting for the festive period this year. String them through the trees, along the pathways, and wrap them around hedges and bushes too. 

And not only that! Remember, once Christmas has been and gone you can set the lights to reflect all other periods of the year too. New Year, birthdays, a summer BBQ, etc., will all benefit from this picturesque backdrop. 


Create Levels

Have you ever been to an outdoor Christmas activity? The one design feature they all have in common is the use of levels! The more levels there are to an attraction, the more dynamic it is, and the more room you’ll have to work with. 

Set up that scene of Santa and his elves on the porch, then trail the lights downwards to lead those exploring further in, and then use raised plant beds and temporary decking to display light scenes or fireworks setups. And the more you can mix and match the levels here, the better! 

Got some space in the back yard? Set up a Christmas paradise of your own; it’s affordable and cheerful for the festive season.

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