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yes you can build your own backyard amusement park

Its summer so most guys have shifted their sights from building out a basement mancave to creating the ultimate backyard oasis for their family to enjoy ... and for the rest of the guys on the block to envy. We've talked about grilling in an outdoor kitchen and building fire pits to sit around and tell stories while roasting marshmallows, but what if you wanted to create a private backyard amusement park? Is that even possible? The answer thankfully is yes and all it takes is space, money, and a little imagination. Let's get started!

Your Own Mini Golf Course

Mini golf is an awesome pastime, but we usually have to go out to a venue to enjoy it. Thankfully, you can buy a portable mini golf set that you can put in your backyard from websites like https://portable-mini-golf.com/. You can customize the set, decide how you want to lay out the entire course, and then pack it away once you’ve had your fun.

Having an entire mini golf course in your backyard is brilliant fun and a wonderful addition to any outdoor space. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party or just want to enjoy a sunny afternoon with your friends and family members playing golf, a portable set can offer endless fun and competition.

Imagine Giant Jenga

Jenga has to be one of the most fun and intense games to play with friends and family members, so why not supersize it and get an outdoor set? These oversized blocks can be stacked to some really impressive heights, adding to the thrill and excitement of Jenga but turning it up a few notches thanks to the huge pieces. You can find sets like this Jenga XXL made with cardboard blocks stacked more than seven feet tall for only about $300 or you could even build your own out of wood. Safety is critical here though, so while we love the idea of building a wooden set that can be stacked to the sky ... this cardboard one is infinitely more practical.

All Aboard! Ride Around On Your Very Own Train

Ever since I was a kid, I've imagined how cool it would be to have a train in my house like on Silver Spoons. That's no longer a fantasy since several companies make custom amusement trains for parks, zoos, Christmas tree farms, and yes, private estates like your own backyard. This feature of your personal amusement park isn't going to come cheap, but at least there are several options so you can plan your budget accordingly: diesel, electric, tracks vs. trackless, etc. 

Yes, You Can Even Buy Used Amusement Park Rides

So if you want to truly take things to the next level, ... short of commissioning a custom roller coaster or building it yourself, the best option is to look for used amuseuement park rides. Thankfuly there are plenty of options out there from bumper car sets that you can get for as low as $50,000 to carousel rides, dark houses, and kiddie roller coasters for around $100,000.

The sky is literally the limit here though, the price of purchase is only the beginning. You should be prepared to have regular maintenance, cleaning, and safety inspections as well.

Don't Forget The Midway Games!

While rides are the most fun for some folks, I love the midway games ... from shooting galleries to knocking down pins by throwing a baseball. You can set up these games on your own, or buy actual carnival games for the fully authentic amusement park experience.

Building Your Own Amusement Park Is Not Just A Fantasy

Sure, this isn't a cheap hobby, but think about it. Some guys spend $500,000 buying a sports car, but for about the same amount, you can have something nobody else in the neighborhood can say they have. Plus, if you have time and patience, you can piece together your very own private amusement park without breaking the bank by simply adding a new attraction every year. 

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