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self defense classes for men

While self defense classes are mostly considered something for women to take, while men's classes are more focused on martial arts and disciplines designed around fighting, self defense is a very important thing for men too. Sure, many of us would simply prefer to carry a gun but self defense is about more than just guns, knives, and hitting someone hard. Instead, it includes training on how to avoid situations, protect yourself from damage, and ultimately how to escape with as few consequences as possible. Do you have the skills or know the right moves to employ in case someone attacked you? Perhaps, this is a question you haven't considered yet, but you cannot run away from the fact that violence is a common element of life and can occur to you at any time. 

Despite your lack of previous training, size, or strength, you can learn some practical self-defensive techniques. Being able to defend yourself is something that all men can practice and it isn't always about simply being bigger and stronger than your opponent, it can be just as important to be smarter and faster.

Here are a few tips to help you remain prepared for any violent situations.


6 Tips for Basic Self Defense Skills

Self defense techniques are something that is important to practice with a trained instructor. However, here are the core concepts that you will want to consider before starting a class. Self Defense classes can include any number of martial arts and training can take place in a local community center without any cultural training in Asian, Russian, or Brazilian culture. However, if you want to focus on a specific martial arts discipline, there are courses designed to offer the full experience like this kung fu school in China where you can have an immersive experience. While that sounds like an amazing experience to practice authentic Shaolin Kung Fun and learn about Chinese history and traditions, if self defense is your objective then it is important to begin at a much more fundamental point that is less expensive and closer to home.


Usually, prevention is considered the most effective self-defense approach. Any attacker, irrespective of their goal, would come to you if you are vulnerable and unsuspecting. Ensure that you are conscious of your surroundings, walk and park in well-lit areas, have a route map, eat enough proteins to stay healthy, and take any other precautions regarding personal security.

Whenever you find yourself in any violent situation, avoid confrontation and defuse the case whenever you can. Don't show your fighting skills outright; instead, avoid fighting back and instead hand over whatever valuables you have. 

Push Back and Get Loud

Whenever someone attacks you, escaping is not an option; shouting and pushing back can help you. Such an approach works in two ways – it is a signal for help and cautions the attacker against you being easy to target.

Whereas getting loud and pushing back may not be effective on all attackers, it warns off anyone targeting easy prey. 

Know the Best Parts to Hit

When you are attacked, you have minimal time to act before the attacker manages to control you. Knowing which body parts hurt more when it can help you get out of confrontation. 

One secret of self-defense is that it hurts to be hurt, so always target body parts that are likely to be painful and hit. Some of the areas you can consider include the legs, knee, eyes, groin, neck, ears, and nose. Sometimes it is enough to inflict a surprising amount of pain in one small area so your attacker will relax his or her grip and allow you to escape.

The areas you target to hit depends on the attacker's position, how close they are to you, and the part of your body you will use. You won't need to move closer because you want to hit his nose, whereas you can easily kick their knee. 

Maximize Damage

The extent of damage you make when you hit an attacker determines whether they will flee or not. Learning how to maximize damage is a crucial self-defense skill. 

So, how do you maximize damage when attacked?

Use your head, knees, and elbows to inflict damage on the attacker. The rationale for using these parts is that they act as built-in body weapons. Additionally, you can use everyday objects and leverage your weight to defend yourself. 

Learn the Best Defense Moves

You need to know the best moves to help you get out of a hold when attacked. Some of the most effective moves for this include back and front chokeholds, wrist hold, bear hug, and mount position. 

The mount position is influential where your attacker pins you down. Use their wrist while grabbing their elbow from the back with your other hand. Trap the arm to your chest, move your foot such that you have his leg and foot trapped, then get on top by lifting your hips and turning strategically. 

Look For An Opening To Escape

Don't stick around to fight. Your goal with self defense is to be able to escape with minimal harm and that means leaving your ego at the door. There's no shame in leaving a fight if that means you survive.

Final Thoughts

Whereas the above tips are just a few of the options you have for self-defense, they form the basics. So, it is advisable to take self-defense classes for more advanced skills. 

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