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sex tech for men includes virtual reality toys

It wasn’t too long ago that men were forced to pleasure themselves with their bare hands. Even worse, the guys who masturbated had to keep it a secret. There was, and still is, a nasty stigma around jerking off. But today’s sex-tech industry is changing all that, especially for people with penises.

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Who Does the Sex Technology Industry Work For?

Advanced sexual technology was invented because the human race is perverted. Initially, there was no distinction in development between the sexes. Then we discovered new things about the human body. So, what we have now is a large collection of technologically advanced pleasure products that are focused primarily on helping men.

Today, there’s more sex-tech for men than for women. That’s not surprising either, consider how gals had to get a prescription for a dildo just a few decades ago. Meanwhile, men have been struggling to soothe themselves since the dawn of time. Sex-specific factors such as erectile dysfunction (ED), Peyronie’s disease, and premature ejaculation are things that no woman has ever had to worry about.

As new interactive sex toys are developed, the male customer base is also becoming more sophisticated. Things like strokers and penis pumps were once a single product category and today there are tons of reviews from guys looking for the best penis pump, anal toys, or even strokers with realistic external designs mimicking the anatomy of top adult performers.

Regardless, this ever-expanding industry works for no individual man or woman. It takes a group-think mentality and tries to satisfy everyone. So, many of these devices offer interactive, motion-sensing technologies for kinky couple’s play. You can even sync some of them to other toys or enjoy real-time stimulation using virtual reality (VR).

NOTE: Most VR content is stored on a linked database that may require a separate purchase to use.

Do You Need Special Skills to Masturbate with Technology?

With features like that, it’s no wonder why so many men feel intimidated. As if driving a brand new sports car, it’s not clear what all the buttons do. Plus, most of these high-tech toys are relatively expensive compared to standard models. And nobody wants to ruin their investment.

That means you’ll have to prepare with some basic knowledge about today’s technologies. Experience connecting and using Bluetooth devices is important. In the meantime, brush up on your masturbation techniques while learning how to operate a smart phone. Most tech-advanced sex toys for men feature app-controlled interfaces for long-distance play.

NOTE: Always check the owner’s manual for specific instructions and requirements.

What Equipment Do You Need to Use Sex-Tech for Men?

The type of equipment you need for these devices can vary widely depending on the design. For example, some may require a place to plug in your USB cable. Others may need special supplies such as mobile phone plans, special inserts, virtual reality gear, and/or a second device.

Secondary devices let you sync to a partner, but the ranges aren’t all the same. Some options give you only a few feet of wiggle room. Other models let you play from anywhere in the world. Both are great for keeping things interesting, even after a long time.

Playing the perv without the right equipment takes all the fun out it. So, don’t skimp on the accessories. Always use plenty of personal lubricant and keep your stuff clean at all times. Despite these devices being equipped with high-tech components, they can still get dirty. Only a few models offer self-cleaning services, but those toys usually cost a bit more.

NOTE: Never use an abrasive cleaner on your devices. There are special products made specifically for that purpose.

Can You Get Hurt Using an Automatic Sex Toy?

Automatic penis stroking machines can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Plus, you have to follow the instructions in your user manual as well. Because there are so many moving parts, it’s not safe to do much tinkering or experimentation either. It’s best to just leave well enough alone and contact and manufacturer if you have problems.

With responsible use, frequent cleaning and recharging, sex-tech toys for men can last for a long time. Many of them even come with a limited warranty from the maker and/or retailer. But even if you’re protected against motor malfunctions, it’s still important to use lots and lots of compatible lube.

Lubricant helps keep your skin from sticking while the stroker moves back and forth. It also enhances the sensations you feel inside the chamber. And since most high-tech devices feature intricate sleeve textures, this is a crucial part of the equation for both safety and satisfaction.

NOTE: Be sure to register the warranty to your device within 30 days of the purchase date.

Which Type of Lube Do High-Tech Sex Toys Use?

Advanced sex products use the same lubes as traditional toys. However, they’re usually made with better materials that no longer contain potential allergens. Instead of using rubber and latex, today’s most technologically inspiring models are draped in silky-smooth silicone.

Silicone is a non-porous material that’s safe for all skin types, so it’s generally preferred. But unlike latex and other materials, you can’t put silicone-based lubes on it. The combination of silicones will tear up the toy’s exterior and compromise its internal components.

That’s why most manufacturers suggest using a high-quality water-based personal lubricant instead. Water-based lubes last for a long time, are gentle on the skin, and don’t stain your bedding or clothes. Plus, many brands put small samples in their boxes just to help get you started. And some even offer a discount when you reup your supply through them.

NOTE: Look for lubricants made specifically for the kind of toy you’re using.

Are Automatic Strokers Good for Men with Erectile Dysfunction?

Back in the day, you were on your own if you had erectile dysfunction (ED). And you could forget it if you had Peyronie’s disease (curved penis). But today’s sex-tech industry is good to modern men, with a variety of options available for the outliers too.

Take the TENGA Flip™ series, for example. None of the models are automatic per say, but they feature an open-hinged design. This allows men to simply lay their dicks inside before enclosing it in a soft, stimulating material. Toys like that generally have expanded vibe functionality to make up for the lacking automation.

Today’s market is also full of devices that offer enlarged openings for flaccid or curved penises. Non-anatomical orifices shape the way men have sex and provide an avenue of personalized pleasure. Many are equipped with power or stroke regulators too. So, they’re actually safer and better for men with sexual performance problems than most traditional, manual devices.

NOTE: Stay away from extremely tight canals if you have trouble getting or maintaining an erection.

How Am I Supposed to Store It?

The thought of having a sex robot in your house can bring up several questions. First of all, where are you supposed to store sex-tech so that nobody sees it? Some of these devices are surprisingly large and may require a special container or space to keep them hidden.

Luckily, many brands provide a sturdy storage container with their products. Still others may sell theirs separately. Either way, always keep your toys put up and out of direct sunlight. Make sure they’re covered to prevent airborne bacteria and debris from building up inside the canal.

NOTE: Never store men’s electronic sex toys around water or in extreme hot/cold temperatures.

Where Can I Get Mine?

It’s important to realize that technology is easy to come by once it has been developed. So, it’s common to see countless knock-off devices that stake a claim to excellence. However, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And that means the originals are almost always superior.

With the exception of a handful of startup brands, established manufacturers generally have a better idea of what men want. They’ve conducted tests on the human body and the market to develop sex toys that truly thrill. Plus, they’re usually made from higher-quality materials that last a bit longer than the cheap stuff.

NOTE: Price isn’t always indicative of value. Look at the other features and compare.

The Answer Is Sex-Tech for Men

Men’s sex-tech has exploded in the last few years, leaving most guys trying desperately to catch up. But the answers to these 8 questions can help them guys in a new era of erotica without feeling so awkward.

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